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Catahoula Wine Mixer 2017

In Lola Shreveport by Lola Magazine

Ladies! It’s time for some wine! We think this wine mixer sounds amazing. Wanna hear something even MORE amazing? Lola readers can save $10 OFF tickets with offer code: lola10. …

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Safety First!

In Dr. Shane Burton by Lola Magazine

Participation in sports provides numerous benefits for our children both physically and socially, but with those benefits comes a downside – the risk of a sports-related injury. That shouldn’t keep …

Sportswoman’s Paradise

In Louisiana Ladies by Lola Magazine

JENNIER BAXTER I started fishing with my daddy when I was a little girl. He fished in tournaments, so I have always been around the sport. I got my first boat …

An Integrative Approach To Sleep

In Health and Beauty by Lola Magazine

A good night’s sleep: easily obtained by some, a rare commodity for others. It has been estimated that 60 million Americans have chronic sleep disorders and 10% of adults report a …

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Behind The Scenes

In Lola Shreveport by Lola Magazine

The Making of a Movie, Part II: The people behind the scenes By Kathy Spurlock Last issue, we featured the months of behind-the- scenes work that goes on before the …