The Power of Yet

Lola MagazineDonesa Walker, Lola Shreveport

Written by Donesa Walker, M.Ed. BCCS, LearningRx Shreveport

What is it about the holiday season that brings out the kid in all of us?

It is the gathering of friends and families forming new connections and reflecting on memories. It is the anticipation of something new, unknown, and wonderful that can occur. It is the possibility of something that hasn’t happened but has the potential to do so. It is the power of YET.

Yet introduces possibilities that still exist. It changes the impossible to the possible. “I can’t”, “I haven’t” and “I don’t know” all end the story. But “I can’t yet” means it is still a possibility. I don’t understand means I have quit trying while “I don’t understand yet” means I am still attempting. Yet is a unleashing of what can be rather than what is, and this is a powerful mindset called the Growth Mindset. It says I can do anything as long I believe that I can. Yet is the difference between the hero and the common person. Yet unleashes the possibility of what can be rather than what it is currently.

In essence, the small word YET means a true realization has happened in the brain that some things are worth waiting for, and that those things take some work. It’s not always easy, but the power of this small word allows for success.

You’ll be surprised that by using that phrase consistently, changes to your mindset will begin to happen. Using ‘yet’ brings hope. It ignites a ‘can-do’ attitude and creates an encouraging environment that helps build confidence that through perseverance anything is possible.

The “power of yet” is about having a growth mindset. It is rooted in how you approach failure to say that you can’t do something “yet” instead.

Carol Dweck is a Standford University professor and the mind behind the “power of yet.” In her book “Mindset,” she discusses the effect of a positive growth mindset. Dr. Carol Dweck explains that by framing low grades or mistakes as an opportunity to improve, instead of a final result, we provide ourselves and others with the confidence to continue learning — “yet” provides a path to the future. Within the growth mindset approach, Dr. Dweck coined the phrase “the power of yet.” The notion that adding the word “yet” to the end of a sentence that contains words such as “can’t,” “don’t,” and “doesn’t” can drastically improve the realization that skills can take time and effort to achieve, but that it is possible with these in place. Without the power of yet, many students are often graded on their ability to show their skill or basic knowledge level. Regardless of pass or fail, the classes will continue to move on to a new topic. The power of yet allows students to progress, to see where they made mistakes, and learn how to correct them. So how do we embrace the power of yet in our lives and in the holidays ahead?

We choose to embrace the gifts of our lifetime. The gifts of our tomorrows are our yet. We choose to look at each situation as a positive possibility rather than an end of our story whether that be the situations of life or of academic struggle.

Brain training is one example of the power of yet. Our IQ isn’t fixed. Our learning processes do not have to be struggles. Learning can be fun and should be fun. Embracing the power of Yet means that no matter what cognitive skills or learning struggles we have had, we still have the possibility of new horizons, new opportunities, and new chances.

Using ‘yet’ brings hope. It ignites a ‘can-do’ attitude! It creates an encouraging environment. But it doesn’t all turn up roses…you still must be willing to learn from your mistakes…to be resilient and persevere!! It requires patience and it requires belief in yourself. We’re all on a learning journey and there’s no room to give up!

Teaching yourself and your children how powerful this tiny little word can be will go a long way to molding them into the superheroes you want to send out into the world. So, start adding ‘yet’ to your ‘can’t’ and watch the magic unfold.

“Yet.” A powerful three-letter word that means, “an implied time, still, even or nevertheless.

Carol Dweck

Give the Gift of a Lifetime of Learning to those around you by embracing the power of this 3-letter word and adding it to your daily tasks. Don’t let the story end with an “I can’t”.

The holidays are here and giving gifts that do not last is the easiest thing to do. The hardest thing is to give the power of yet to yourself and those around you. We may not be perfect yet, but we are on the journey to becoming. We are not there YET but we are on our way!