The Straight and Narrow of an Artist, the Winding Roads of a Woman, and the Anchor of her Soul

Lola MagazineBrittany Strickland, Lola Shreveport

This is a story of a woman who decided to believe in who she was created to be instead of believing what others told her she would be.

I met Izzy years ago. She contacted me to schedule a wedding consultation. I remember as I walked to the door, I began to pray, as I always do before every consult. I pray for peace, revelation, and beautiful photography. I opened the door, and there was this tiny creature with amazing bone structure and piercing eyes. She had blonde hair and the coolest outfit on. We began to chat about all the things and instantly became friends. While we were supposed to be talking about her wedding photography, we spent most of the time talking about art and being the only one in the room, meaning walking to our own beat and the supernatural, of course. I knew when she left that she would be in my life for a very long time. Fast forward to today, as I sit here writing this piece on her and how she took the spirit of her grandmother, the talent of her artistry, and the surrender of the gentle nudge from up above to heal… Enter Redd Dott Jewelry and Izzy Griffin.

Here’s our conversation…

You know we’re going to dive right in! The first one I want to jump into is about you being the only one in the room – you know, how we walk to our own beat of the drum, always being a little “out there”? Tell me about how you have managed to be successful even when you were the only one in the room that looked like you?

Embracing my uniqueness and forging success when I’ve been the only one in the room who looks like me is, to me, the very essence of my superpower. All the people who are close to me know my story, but I have recently become more vulnerable and willing to share my story with others outside of my inner circle, as it’s a fundamental part of who I am today. Life has a way of molding us through the challenges we face, and my journey has been no exception. I endured a prolonged period of domestic violence in a past relationship, which ultimately led to a diagnosis of Complex-PTSD. The prognosis I received was bleak – I was told I would never return to a ‘normal’ state of mind. But what is ‘normal,’ anyway? I know that God has had a hand in guiding my life since birth, with a plan and purpose for my existence. When I received that diagnosis, I made a conscious decision: I would not let it define me. Overcoming Complex-PTSD required unwavering determination and a steadfast belief that I could defy the odds. I dove head-first into an intense spiritual journey of self-improvement, self-discovery, and personal growth. I sought out and employed every tool available to me to conquer C-PTSD. It often felt like I was my own science experiment, navigating trial and error along the way. It was a long, grueling process that took over 5 years; but one day, after what seemed like an eternity in a dark room, I experienced a pivotal moment. It was as if I could finally flip the light switch on, and with that came the idea for Redd Dott. From a young age, I discovered that my creative soul thrived when surrounded by sources of energy – be it vibrant colors, intriguing images, diverse textures, engaging conversations, or even observing an insect straddling the line between shadow and sunlight on a leaf. This innate creativity has been a driving force throughout my life, which has now become a part of my therapeutic process. Rick Rubin noted in his book, The Creative Act: A Way of Being, that “Success occurs in the privacy of the soul, emerging in that moment when you decide to release your work before exposing it to a single opinion.” My journey, which nearly took everything from me, has led me to embrace this truth, and recognize that success in the face of adversity has shaped me into who I am today. It has fueled my passion, resilience, and creativity, ultimately guiding me towards the path I am meant to walk.

I love it. I feel you, sister. Ok, so before we dig deeper and I ask you about the skills that matter and more, maybe you can tell our readers about yourself?

First and foremost, I am an artist. I don’t really think of myself as being a jewelry maker but as an artist who uses fabrics as my medium. I have always had a very unique style, I’m not afraid of taking risks nor do I put very much stock in others’ opinions of my fashion sense. One time in college, I wore a strip of caution tape for my belt…haha! In all seriousness, being able to consume myself in art is like existing in this most amazing dream that I never want to leave. I love telling stories with the fabrics that I choose, and the stories I tell through these cuffs have deep meaning to me. They are symbolic of Hope, Empowerment, Determination, and Free Will; emotions that once seemed like a tall order for me during that extremely dark period of my life. My primary goal in both life and in business is to empower other women, helping them grow along their journeys; this is why I refer to them as power cuffs.

I think that is what I love so much about your work. It’s meaningful to the individual. I am all about warrior Jewelry. It is just a constant reminder of who we really are and how powerful we truly were created to be, you know? On to the next. There is so much advice out there about all the different skills and qualities people need to develop to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment and often it can feel overwhelming. So, if we had to break it down to just the three that matter most, which three skills or qualities would you focus on?

For me, Drive, Grit, and Forgiveness are the three most important qualities to embrace when building a business. To do something day in and day out, you must love what you do first and foremost, but it’s your drive that will pull you out of bed, and it’s the very thing that makes you open to discovering new possibilities. To create and innovate, you have to experience failures, and its grit that helps you drive forward in the face of failure; it is the very essence of resilience, and without it, your business won’t have longevity. The ability to forgive is just as important in business relationships as it is in personal relationships. Forgiveness, to me, is a lot like grace. You must be able to forgive yourself for your failures, and you have to be able to extend grace to others.

We talk about that a lot. I believe your parents had a lot in setting the foundation work for you. They are the best, like for real for real. Tell us about your parents and What was the most impactful thing your parents did for you?

I could gush about my parents. My mom and dad have always been the main, steady force for good in my life, but the most impactful thing that my parents did for me was the day that I opened up and told them that I had gone through my domestic violent relationship. Without fail, they believed me and did everything in their power to help me exit the violent situation. It’s a very lonely world for men and women who experience continued abuse. A lot of times the abuser has made the victim feel as if they have made it all in their head. My parents have stood by me and helped me be the success I am today. I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

What a gift they are. So, we could talk all day but lastly, out of all the mediums that you do, why a cuff?

Redd Dott cuffs are inspired by the desire to create courage and empowerment in fashion choices and serve as a constant reminder of women’s unwavering strengths, resilience, and commitment to fight for each other as women. It is women who have inspired me, and hopefully, I have been able to inspire some people along the way. For me, it’s really about spreading and sharing as much positive energy as I can. I love helping others discover their worth, and then being able to witness growth in their lives. I’m joyful just being present and creating memories with the people I hold dearest to my heart and what better way than to create a constant reminder that you did it, you are doing it, and someone out here is behind you and proud of you. That’s why I created this.

And now I am crying, lol. So many of us need this reminder and we need each other. What a powerful testimony, a powerful punch to the ones who said you couldn’t, and a powerful piece to create to empower women. I am beyond proud of you. Thank you for you, your surrender, and your gift to us all.

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