An Enchanted Affair at 3201 Centenary

Lola MagazineBrittney Malone Photo, Carly Butts, Lola Shreveport

Photography by Carly Butts, Brittney Malone Photo

Shreveport witnessed a union that was nothing short of magical as the Jordan Fielder and Jon Johnson came together to celebrate love at the iconic 3201 Centenary. This couple’s story began in the halls of Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, where they honed their athletic prowess—he on the football field and she on the softball diamond. Their bond, forged in the spirit of sportsmanship, blossomed into love, culminating in a Christmas engagement in 2022.

In the heart of Shreveport, an old church has been reborn, with the vision of Dick Grieder, 3201 Centenary has become one of the city’s most sought-after wedding venues. This historic location beautifully marries the architectural splendor of the past with contemporary design. With a unique blend of history and modern romance, the floor to ceiling windows, which once bore witness to countless prayers and sermons, now cast colorful hues on joyous wedding celebrations. The venue’s tall, arching ceilings echo with laughter and love, while its revamped interiors provide a chic backdrop for any couple’s dream day.

A Whimsical Wedding at 3201 Centenary isn’t just an event; it’s an experience where old-world charm meets modern-day fairy tales.


3201 Centenary, a Hill Country Entertainment Venue

Wedding Planning & Design:

Stephanie Anthony,

Hill Country Entertainment

Ceremony/ Bridal Party Florals:

MLS Floral & Design

Reception Florals & Decor:

Hill Country Entertainment


Hill Country Entertainment

Wedding Dress:

Happily Ever After Bridal


Shelia McCullom, She Salon

Bridesmaid Hair:

Avery Covington, Salon Jolie


Delta Gallo Gandee


DJ Cody Kauffman


Silver Spoon Events

Fireworks & Fog:

Pyromania Fireworks

Custom Dance Floor:

Pelican Tents

Photo Booth:

Hollytrees and Events


Carly Butts

2nd Photographer:

Brittney Malone Photo


Mason Dies

Wedding day coordinator:

Stephanie Anthony,

Hill Country Entertainment

Every detail of the day, meticulously planned and designed by the talented Stephanie Anthony of Hill Country Entertainment, radiated the love and joy of the couple. It was evident that her touch extended far beyond just planning, as the reception’s florals and décor, both brought to life by Hill Country Entertainment, added a layer of splendor that only Stephanie’s team could provide.

The ceremony space was adorned with exquisite bridal party florals crafted by MLS Floral & Design. Their blooms added a touch of softness and romance to the venue, setting the perfect backdrop as the couple exchanged their vows.

As the newlyweds made their grand entrance into the reception hall, the space was transformed by captivating arrangements, each piece more enchanting than the last. With an atmosphere filled with love and elegance, guests were treated to a sumptuous feast curated by the catering team of Hill Country Entertainment. Every bite was a testament to their culinary excellence.

The bride, stunning in her gown from Happily Ever After Bridal, seemed to have walked straight out of a fairy tale. Her locks, styled to perfection by Shelia McCullom of She Salon, cascaded gracefully, complementing the artful makeup applied by Delta Gallo Gandee. Avery Covington from Salon Jolie in Stonewall masterfully styled the bridesmaids’ hair, adding a touch of glamour to the bridal party. The gastronomic landscape of the celebration was heightened by Autumn McPherson’s culinary artistry, who designed two exquisite wedding cakes. Presiding over the ceremony was the honorable Judge Brian Barber, whose presence added a note of solemnity to the joyous occasion.

The atmosphere was electrified by DJ Cody Kauffman’s beats that ensured the dance floor, specially crafted by Pelican Tents, was never empty. A piece of art in itself, the dance floor became the hub of joyous celebrations and dancing the night away.

Silver Spoon Events added sweetness to the occasion with their delectable cakes, each slice resonating with the joy of the day. The couple’s sendoff by Pyromania Fireworks provided sparkling magic, adding a touch of grandeur to the festivities.

Capturing candid moments, Hollytrees and Events’ photobooth became a hotspot for guests. Meanwhile, the talented Carly Butts, assisted by Brittney Malone Photo, captured timeless memories, their lenses freezing moments that the couple would cherish for a lifetime. Mason Dies, the videographer, wove these moments into a visual narrative, ensuring every emotion and memory was preserved.

The seamless flow of the day was credited to Hill Country Events team, who, apart from planning, also coordinate the wedding day, orchestrating every detail to perfection.

As the night came to an end, guests left with hearts full of love, joy, and memories of a day that was nothing short of magical.

Jordan and Jon’s journey together embarked on a new chapter as they jetted off to Las Vegas for a honeymoon of dreams. They basked in the opulence of the Bellagio, cheered at a Raiders vs. Packers football game, and surrendered to the serenity of poolside lounging and soothing massages, all while exploring the neon-lit vibrancy of the Las Vegas Strip.

The Fielder/Johnson wedding at 3201 Centenary was not just an event—it was a testament to love’s timeless dance, an evening where Jordan and Jon, surrounded by family and friends, stepped into their future, hearts and hands entwined.

As guests departed, they carried with them the luminous joy of a celebration that will be reminisced for years to come.