Felecia’s Hilarious Guide to Dealing with Mean Girls

Lola MagazineFelecia Williams, Lola Shreveport

Many of you know I have talked about my struggle with depression and my self-esteem. Just like many addicts, I struggle with triggers and anxiety. At 52, I find myself still nervous to enter some rooms, checking myself twice when around certain people, and clutching my pearls, reminding myself to breathe deeply to keep from going into defense mode when feeling various emotions. I have dealt with mean women, angry women, and jealous women, all of whom start as broken little girls. Staying on a constant offense because you are not sure who, what, and why someone may be judging you is emotionally draining. Staying in defense mode is physically and mentally near impossible when trying to function effectively. Listening to that little voice in your head reminds you of past hurt, failures, or other people’s jaded perception of who or where you should be in life causes the WHAT IF… You know: what if you had not reacted so quickly, what if you were strong enough not to give a damn what anyone else thought, or what if the only place you had to fit in was in your head and the only women who could make you feel small were strong women who stood in front of you extending a hand to pull you forward. In a world where comparison is as common as bad hair days, it’s essential to master the art of not letting other women rain on your fabulous parade. Ladies, let’s face it – we’ve all had those moments where we catch ourselves questioning our worth because someone else seems to have it all together. Well, fear not! Today, we’re diving headfirst into the comically challenging realm of not letting other women make you feel inferior.


Step 1 – Develop Your Superpower – The Eye Roll: Picture this: You’re strutting your stuff, feeling on top of the world, when suddenly, you catch a glimpse of that woman who seems to have it all – perfect hair, flawless makeup, and an uncanny ability to balance on sky-high heels. Instead of letting your self-esteem crumble like a week-old cookie, activate your secret weapon – the eye roll. A well-executed eye roll not only releases built-up tension but also sends a clear message that you’re not buying into the comparison game.

Step 2 Embrace the “Hot Mess” Aesthetic: Repeat after me: Perfection is overrated. When you embrace the “hot mess” aesthetic, you’re not just accepting your flaws; you’re flaunting them. Haven’t mastered the art of winged eyeliner? Who cares! Got a wardrobe that looks like a mismatched puzzle? Rock it! Remember, there’s nothing more intimidating than a woman who confidently embraces her imperfections. Bonus points if you can laugh at yourself along the way.

Step 3 Channel Your Inner Queen – Bee Style: When faced with a situation that threatens your confidence, channel your inner queen bee. Picture yourself wearing a crown made of resilience, surrounded by a swarm of supportive bees – because let’s be real, bees don’t have time for drama. The next time another woman tries to make you feel inferior, mentally summon your buzzing entourage and let the negativity bounce right off your majestic royal armor.

Step 4- Create Your Confidence Playlist: Nothing says “I’m unshakable” like a killer confidence playlist. Compile a mix of empowering anthems that make you feel like you could conquer the world. Whether it’s Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls)” or Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive,” let the beats and lyrics serve as your armor against any attempts to diminish your self-worth. Bonus points if you can incorporate a spontaneous dance party into your daily routine.

Step 5Master the Art of Compliment Kung Fu: When it comes to deflecting inferiority vibes, turn compliments into your secret weapon. Instead of feeling threatened by someone else’s success or beauty, unleash your compliment kung fu skills. Not only does this disarm potential rivals, but it also creates a positive atmosphere. Remember, there’s room for everyone to shine – and you’re not afraid to let others bask in their own glow while you light up your own fabulous path.


So, there you have it – the hilarious guide to not letting other women make you feel inferior. Embrace your quirks, roll your eyes at comparison, and strut through life like the queen bee you were meant to be. After all, confidence is the best accessory, and you, my friend, are absolutely fabulous. NO ONE PUTS BABY IN A CORNER. Ladies next time you see me, let’s command the room together.


Disclaimer: Nothing is medical or PhD endorsed. These are Felecia’s quick tips for The Art of War: Mean Girls Beware!