Working Women’s Art of War

In Felecia Williams, Louisiana Ladies by Lola Magazine

Written by Felecia Williams | owner of My Spa My Way

It’s time to arm ourselves with people and tools for our next transformation. You can’t set out on a new journey with the same old dead weight, doubt and disappointment. Stop using failure as an excuse to not achieve your success. No horrible job, unhappy relationship, judgmental people, or even Covid-19 can stop your opportunity for success. We lose people, money, jobs, homes, and even our support system, but ladies, we still have self. Your success and happiness begins and starts with one thing and one thing only, YOU.

You can’t have success without failure. Looking back at some of my monumental failures, I allowed myself to be disappointed but not discouraged enough to quit. I channeled that negative energy into fuel and forced myself to begin again. It seems that failure always has more followers than success has supporters. The simple truth is no great success was achieved without failure. Yet while knowing the struggle it takes to accomplish success, we still spend time dealing with the fear of failure.

We allow work, friends, family, and others in today’s society to push us to be obsessed with success and achievement and failure is definitely not an option. Climbing the corporate ladder, being a part of the right social clubs and organizations, having our kids accepted to the right schools, and even attending the perfect church have become more important than peace and happiness. What a price to pay to just think you have made it.

We sell our soul and trade our peace of mind and sense of self just for the mere appearance of success. We spend valuable time treating failure like a weakness instead of learning what a valuable tool it is. This is a tool I use frequently and know all too well. Spending time and emotion stressing about the fear of failure instead of the opportunity to try again to achieve one’s success has cost me and others opportunities and increased self-doubt.

My greatest success has been knowing I can believe in myself enough to always get up, get going and get to the finish line. Ladies, don’t let me fool you. I have not always been mentally and emotionally strong enough to start over and keep moving. It was my failures that taught me what I was made of and how many times I could fight this battle called LIFE.

Embrace your failure, whether it’s one failure or many. It may be one of the greatest weapons in your arsenal, if you learn to make it work for you and master it. The willingness to learn from your mistakes guarantees you endless possibilities for success. Never let success get to your head. Never let failure get to your heart. The year 2021 is our year to live our dreams and no one else’s. There is no dream too small, no desire too great and no hurt too painful to heal. Rather you believe in God, Buddha, or worship a tree just ask for the strength to fight for you first and then stand in battle for everyone and everything else. You can’t win a war if you haven’t done the work to arm yourself for the fight and you can’t fight to win the battle if you don’t get up after every fall.