Working Women’s Art of War

Lola MagazineFelecia Williams

Heartbreak, a universal human experience, knows no boundaries and touches every gender, age, and background. Yet, the journey of women overcoming heartbreak is particularly inspiring, showcasing their remarkable strength, resilience, and ability to rebuild their lives. In the face of adversity, women have demonstrated time and again that they possess the power to heal, grow, and thrive, emerging as beacons of hope and inspiration for all. This all sounds good and means a lot when you are reading it but let me just say life is hard, it hurts, and many times there are more disappointments than celebrations.

Even though people think I have it all together, let me let you in on a little secret. I AM A MESS! I feel lonely, vulnerable, broken, and exhausted some days. Like I am in the fight for life but losing the battle. Now please understand not because I am not successful, hardworking, and grateful for my accomplishments. Nothing about me says weak, timid, or fragile, yet I stand strong on my two feet, fist up, shoulders square and show up every day for the next war. Ladies I’m just tired. Tired of trusting people and giving the benefit of the doubt to those who deserve nothing but questions and background checks, tired of dating men who forgot that monogamy means one not many, and tired of employing people who think I work for them and they show up as a favor to me. Today I say no more, not today, for family, friends, employees, or anyone else who refuses to show up for me and fight with me to win.

Therapy, life coaches, pastors, and many people and tools have helped me in many ways. I need every single one just to keep it together, keep going, and move on to the next journey and challenge of my life. Here are a few tips, tricks, and nuggets I have learned along the way.

1. Embracing the Emotions

The path to healing begins with acknowledging and embracing the torrent of emotions that accompany heartbreak. Women have a unique capacity to dive deep into their feelings, allowing themselves to grieve and process. Rather than suppressing their emotions, they choose to confront them head-on, recognizing that this vulnerability is the first step toward rebuilding their lives.

2. Rediscovering Self-Worth

Heartbreak often leaves individuals questioning their self-worth and value. For women, the journey of self-discovery post-heartbreak becomes a transformative experience. They embark on a quest to redefine their self-concept, recognizing that their value doesn’t hinge on external validation. Through introspection, they rediscover their strengths, passions, and dreams, forging a stronger sense of self-worth than ever before.

3. Cultivating Resilience

Resilience is a woman’s innate superpower. The ability to bounce back from adversity and emerge even stronger is a testament to their inner strength. Women who overcome heartbreak harness this resilience, converting pain into fuel for growth. They build a shield of emotional strength that guards them against future heartaches and equips them to tackle life’s challenges with unwavering determination.

4. Sisterhood: Bonds that Heal

The sisterhood formed among women is an incredible source of support and healing. During times of heartbreak, women lean on their friends, family, and communities for solace. The stories of women helping other women mend their broken hearts showcase the immense power of empathy, understanding, and shared experiences. Through these bonds, they learn that they are never alone in their struggles.

5. Pursuing Passion and Purpose

Heartbreak propels women to reassess their life’s trajectory, often leading to the discovery of new passions and purposes. The pursuit of personal goals becomes a healing balm, providing them with a sense of direction and fulfillment. Many women channel their energy into creative endeavors, professional achievements, or philanthropic ventures, using their pain as a catalyst for positive change.

6. Embracing Transformation

Heartbreak marks a turning point where women shed their old selves and step into a new chapter of their lives. The process of transformation is empowering, as they discard the limitations and doubts that once held them back. This metamorphosis allows them to rewrite their stories and envision futures filled with joy, love, and endless possibilities.

The journey of women overcoming heartbreak is nothing short of extraordinary. Their ability to rise above pain, reinvent themselves, and find newfound purpose inspires all, regardless of gender. In embracing their emotions, rediscovering their self-worth, cultivating resilience, nurturing sisterhood, pursuing passions, and embracing transformation, these women exemplify the triumph of the human spirit. As they heal and rebuild, they become beacons of hope, guiding others on their own journeys to healing and happiness.

Strong women break, they cry, and they fall but the strongest mend the wounds, wipe away the tears, and get up and move even faster the next time. It is not the wins that always make us great warriors but the battles we survive that show us what we are made of. Don’t ever stop showing up to fight for yourself.