Broken Ships Still Have Strong Anchors

Lola MagazineFelecia Williams, Louisiana Ladies

We have all these New Year’s resolutions, goals, and life changes on January 1 every year. You say I will stop eating sweets, work out more, drink more water, attend church, focus more on myself, and spend more time with the Lord, but how do you obtain a goal without a plan? How do you make a plan without direction? How do you decide which way to go without faith in how to get there? Do not get me wrong, the New Year is to begin and start over, but if you plan to achieve your goal and your goal is to finish, you must begin differently than you ended before.

Many of you have asked me why, as the owner of My Spa My Way and a beauty industry professional, don’t I write about beauty products, procedures, and techniques. My answer is that God did not tell me to. Yes, I can tell you about beauty, fashion, and how to and how not to be the younger version of yourself. But God did not tell me to.

Yes, as a woman who struggles with my body still to this day and who has worked with some of the best brands in the world, and many beauty icons in both fashion and beauty, I definitely have a lot to say, but again God did not tell me to. A year ago, when I began writing for Lola Magazine, I prayed before I began to write one single word. As it all began to flow out of me, He said, “Share your story, your journey, your struggle with as many will listen. Stop hiding behind designer labels, makeup, hairstyles, and a mask to keep from showing the real you. He said to be vulnerable even in fear. He said be strong even in a storm. He said to be faithful even in failure, and He said to stay in prayer, even when not at peace. This is what God has told me and

I continue to be obedient, even when so many can read my life challenges, failures, and obstacles in black and white.

I spent the first Sunday of the New Year visiting a new church. The pastor talked about even if your ship has crashed, you can still make it to the shore. You may ask how this is possible when you no longer have the structure to keep you moving forward? It is not the vessel that keeps you steady, it is the anchor. And you are the anchor in all your storms.

Regardless of your skillset, there is always a way to get to the shore. Some of us can swim, some will grab onto passing debris, others can float through storms, and the rest find others to pull them the rest of the way. A ship can always be replaced or rebuilt but no ship has a fighting chance without a good anchor. You are sturdy, steadfast, used to secure your path, and able to fight any current or wind sent to detour your path. All ships will struggle at some point with relationships, friendships, partnerships, and even fellowships. Just know when the ship is over, destroyed, and no longer able to keep going, you can still make it to the shore.

We must stop letting external storms cause internal destruction. Even with a sturdy anchor, outside forces fight to disrupt and deter your path. Family, friends, and loved ones are not always the best support systems and navigators when setting out on a new journey. Many times our ships are overloaded, too heavy, and never going to make it because we allow too much dead weight. Your vessel is only designed to carry your required weight on your journey. Now you can’t load up like a yacht when God has you on a dinghy. Don’t get me wrong, it is not the size of the boat but the strength of the anchor that matters. You may not make it to the shore with everything, but you made it. You may have to survive with less to become your best.

Cutbacks do not count you out but set you up to survive with fewer PIECES, so you can win by being at PEACE.