G.U.T.S. Girls United To Succeed

In Felecia Williams, Lola Shreveport by Lola Magazine

Written by Felecia Williams | owner of My Spa My Way

Ladies, have the guts to be the difference and to stand for change. Change how we see each other. Change how we treat each other. Change how we speak to and speak of one another. If we do not become the game changers, then we will continue to lose the game. Invite other women to the table. Teach them the rules and speak of them as if they are in the room, even when they leave the table. Everyone can smile, lend a hand, and pull another woman to the front of the line without feeling left behind. Allowing another woman to be seen for her greatness and gifts does not diminish your worth.

The strongest, most successful woman, if she is honest with herself, will say she has had moments of self-doubt in her life. It is not the doubt that causes the crack in the foundation, it is the prolonged chipping away at your mistake and the lack of moving forward that begins the doubt of one’s self-worth. Without the right inner circle and motivating voices in your ear, it is easy to believe the naysayers and the haters. The negative influencers can begin to overpower the truth. You can start to feel like if you cannot do it, no one else should. If someone moves past you in the race, then they have become your enemy. If you achieve your goals, there is not enough room for anyone else. These voices have been the downfall of many great women.

Standing in the audience supporting a woman who is standing on the stage, does not mean that you are less than she. It means there will be someone to return the support when it is your turn to climb to the top.  Elevation sometimes requires assistance, a hand, a shoulder, or even, in many cases, a push.

Whether you are in need or answering the need, please be aware that you will stand in both places at some point during your journey.  Celebrating another woman’s success does not mean you need to question your own. Allowing one of us to succeed does not mean that another woman should fail. It means we can work together to make room for more of us to come to the table.

It is time to take back our sisterhood and become inclusive, even to those who excluded you. The beautiful thing about a woman is that we all started as scared little girls who simply wanted to be liked, eventually loved, and finally appreciated.

My sisters we are kind, we are beautiful, we are smart…. We rise by lifting. Do you have the G.U.T.S?