Reflections of these unprecedented times

In Community, Lola Shreveport by Lola Magazine

I struggle with self-reliance and this experience has been a time to let go of the control I think I have and remember that God is faithful. As I got to the end of my rope, I spent more time pressing into God and depending on Him. I know I should always depend on Christ alone, but I think in the day-to-day of life those socially acceptable sins sneak in on us and we don’t always realize they have. Receiving and giving mercy has been prevalent.

I am blessed to have my job, but I cannot work from home. I have had to give myself mercy from the guilt feelings of my daughter being home all day without me and me not living up to the social media postcard families who are connecting and having fun.

Also, mercy from the guilt I have about being distracted at work and wanting to make sure I do my best. Giving mercy in understanding that others do not see things the same way I see things and that is OK. Feeling more compassion for strangers around me. Mercy for myself and others and the deeper compassion for strangers is what I want to hold onto the most as we move forward.

Michele Phelps, Morgan Pontiac GMC

This has changed my life because I love going to church on Wednesday night as a youth leader pouring into our youths’ lives as you and I know that the youth need poured into and being encouraged about the word of Jesus  Christ.

Kim Conlay

Before COVID I was always busy and didn’t take time to read. Now I sit down more often and read. The Bible is my book of choice. I am learning and relearning Old and New Testament stories. After COVID passes, I hope I established a habit to take time to read and be still every day.

Jeanine Mosery, Librarian at Bossier Parish Schools

Due to the lifestyle changes that COVID 19 has forced upon society, the inability to attend church has really touched my heart. I always thought of it as a privilege, knowing that there are some places in the world where one is not allowed to worship freely. This time of social distancing has impacted me greatly in this area.

Cherishing time with family and friends will no longer be a “given”…rather I will consider it a gift. I will definitely live a more cautious life regarding how I interact with the general public… 6 feet apart, not being able to show a comforting touch on the arm or hand, and keeping anti-bacterial wipes in my purse will be the norm. I will witness the development of a “new society,” in a way.

Dana Scoggins, Teacher/Elderly Assistant

I’m a Special Education teacher. I’ve always known how important structure and order are to my students. Our SPED students and their parents need our prayers right now. There just aren’t words or pictures to adequately explain what is happening today…they wake up every morning confused and desperately wanting to go to school again (their “order” in life). Well, our God is a God of order. I’ve discovered I need my students probably more than they need me! Our God uses them daily to bring order, encouragement, and creativity to my life!

Leesa Wallace, Director, Shekinah Academy 

These unprecedented times have definitely been a wake-up call to what is really important.  Our busy lives were suddenly filled with time — lots of time to not just slow down but actually stop.  We have time to pray and listen. The listening part had been missing because I was too busy. I have noticed the things that before were taken for granted now have come into full focus.  I now appreciate even the little things like the beautiful lawns on our street, my neighbors’ calls, and my grandson’s laugh.  We are all startled by the suddenness of this life-changing event, but sometimes it takes a “wake-up call” to realize that we are here to further His kingdom.

Debbie Kurkiewicz, Principal, Mooringsport Elementary