Today is a Good Day to Start Making Your Dreams a Reality

In Bevin Hicks, Lola Shreveport by Lola Magazine

During my senior year of high school, we were asked where we saw ourselves in 20 years. As embarrassing as this is to admit, I wrote, “I will be married to a hot, rich guy and will work at Vogue.” Although I think my husband is very handsome, I do not live in New York and clearly, I do not work for Vogue. I have also learned that “rich” is a relative term. We joke that no matter what, we are “rich” with love. Ha! It’s funny how life plays out, and how our ideas of a “dream life” change and grow as we do. I am not sure if you told the 18-year-old Bevin what her actual reality would be in 20 years, she would have been thrilled. Yet, the person I am today wouldn’t change a thing.

Many people ask us how Lola Magazine came to life. Truth is, Lola Magazine came to life 20 years ago when I dreamed of living in New York and working for Vogue. Fast forward 15 years… after ten years in local print media, I decided to make my new and improved dream come to life. I was beyond lucky to have my best friend, Carie Hart, jump in headfirst with a passion and work ethic that continues to amaze me daily. The stars aligned with Richard Creative and Britt Elizabeth Photography to create our team of designers and photographers that is, in my opinion, the best in the world. Our team of writers and our editor Kathy Spurlock have been with us, inspiring us and teaching along the way. Lola Magazine came together with the most talented group of people, and a whole lot of heart and soul. Lola Magazine may not have quite the reach of Vogue, but it has touched many lives in the past four years and for that we are so grateful.

This issue of Lola Magazine is one of our most fabulous yet! We are thrilled to bring you Lola Magazine Weddings 2020. This is the ultimate guide for planning the wedding of your dreams, from picking the perfect dress and venue to budgeting for unexpected costs. You will also find the latest research of the importance of good sleep, where to donate your spring cleanout items, and tips on self-care and financial wellbeing. We celebrate teacher appreciation and along with all educators, we honor three local educators making a difference in our communities and helping others achieve their dreams.

Although our paths may have twists and turns, whatever chapter of life you may find yourself in, today is a good day to start making your dreams a reality. So, roll up your sleeves and get to work–your teenage self is counting on it.

Happy Spring from all of us at Lola Magazine!

Cheers! -Bevin