Introducing Glow Alchemy Kitchen

Lola Magazine Health and Beauty, Jessica Comegys

I wanted a place to feel comfortable and interactive. The kitchen is open and inviting. Feel free to sit at the counter and chat with one of our team members while you sip your matcha latte. Pop in and grab a cold-pressed juice and dinner to go from our open-sale fridge. Order a hot lunch and stay while you catch up on emails. Sign up for one of our cooking classes or wellness workshops. Rent the space for a private dinner or event. 

I wanted this to be a multi-functioning space that is open to all. Vegans and carnivores both will find something to enjoy! So, what is Alchemy? As a holistic health coach and trained chef, alchemy is the discovery of a universal cure for disease and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life, the power and process of transforming something common into something extraordinary. 

In this new chapter, we are transforming what we know as food into something beautiful, delicious, and healing. And the glow you will get from the inside out will be unmistakable. In January you will wake up to an inbox full of marketing emails titled “new year new you,” “resolution this and that,” but the micro decisions that we make to show up for ourselves every day is what it’s all about. 

Awareness clarifies our perception of ourselves and the world around us. Becoming aware is the strength that helps us navigate the slew of life’s daily stimulations and challenges with grace. What matters is that you show up for yourself in the day-to-day this coming year. Whether this means scheduling self-care regularly, cleansing with the changing of the seasons or aligning your daily rhythms in harmony with the moon cycles. Living with intention is a powerful medicine. I believe, like wisdom, wellness starts from within. 

What’s on the menu? 

Wellness lattes – warm or cold, these drinks are full of adaptogens and ingredients to heal your body and soothe your soul. 

Boutique hot tea service –  custom herbal blends offered in the finest spas and hotels. 

Lunch – salads, soups, macro bowls, and some of our Caspiana meal prep favorites!

Grab & Go – snacks, salads, dinner – all ready to snag on your way home! 

Cold-pressed juice – freshly pressed preserving all the nutrients.

Protein shakes and smoothie bowls – delicious shakes that have up to 20g of plant-based protein and stress-fighting adaptogens!

Take-away catering trays – smoked salmon, hummus crudité… all your favorite Caspiana catering items are available by pre-order to bring to your next event! 

We will also offer exclusive retail brands like Moon Juice, Little Barn Apothecary, and HUM Nutrition. Learn more about these brands and check for upcoming events, holiday specials, and sign up for our signature boutique-prepared meal service at

Happy Holidays!

-Jessica Comegys