“New” Orleans St. Jude Dream Home

In Jarrett Warren, Myron Griffing by Lola Magazine

A courtyard home inspired by one of the greatest cities in America… this year’s St. Jude Dream home, built by Rodgers Homes & Construction in Lost River Estates in Benton, is clearly inspired by the courtyard homes in New Orleans, LA. But that’s where the comparisons end. We at Space: Interiors have taken a thoroughly modern approach to this historic style home.

Our overall theme this year is “A Study of Neutrals.” In comparison to last year’s St. Jude’s dream home with its rather stark palette of black, white and cobalt blue, this year we went in a completely different direction. Bathed in varying shades of taupe, cream, ivory, mushroom, gold and punctuated with patterned wallpapers, it displays a purposeful lack of color. Tat may sound a bit boring and blah to many, but folks, I’m here to tell ya, it AIN’T!


As you enter the home via a black door of steel and glass, your courtyard experience begins. A full outdoor kitchen greets you along with a fireplace, comfortable seating area (Corner Collection on Line), and a charming small side yard complete with fountain and lush plantings (Hooglands). You immediately feel the serenity and charm of a New Orleans vibe. A separate guest suite is tucked discreetly into the front corner of this area. Electronic shades (Quality Shades & Shutters) can be raised/lowered at the touch of button. From the outdoor area, you enter the main house where you are met with a vibrant wallpaper of gold, ivory, chocolate, and taupe. The “color” of every other surface in the home is pulled from this paper. Proceeding into the main family area you are now immersed in a huge open area with varying textures, tones, and patterns devoid of traditional color. You will notice there is a very calming effect to this muted palette. It forces your eye to focus on the details and materials, and how they seamlessly coordinate with each other.

Modern furnishings and art (Haverty’s) provide an additional layer of muted texture and pattern to the space. As you meander throughout this spacious home, it’s the small touches and details that catch your eye. The hints of gold and silver in the lighting, the texture of the fireplace tile, the oversized parquet flooring (Henson’s), and the varying graphics of the wallpaper (Caddo Paint) all work in harmony with one another.

The Master suite and bath are jaw-dropping and something to see! Trust me, folks, it is WELL worth the trip to Benton. Philip Rodgers has truly outdone himself this year. There are few (if any) things more important than saving the life of a child, and there are even fewer organizations that do it better than St. Jude’s.

The St. Jude Dream Home will be open to the public on weekends starting on July 7th with the giveaway on August 12th. Tickets can be purchased at www.stjude.org.