Save the Unicorns

In Brittany Strickland, Brittany Strickland, Lola Shreveport by Lola Magazine

Once upon a time in a faraway land…

lived a beautiful princess who married the man of her dreams and they lived happily ever after!!!!! How many of us have heard this, right? And how many of us in my generation, I’m 36, thought this was real life and then quickly found out it wasn’t… AND so many of us think it has to do with a boy BUT IT DOESNT…

It starts with us. The moms, the grandma’s, the aunts, the godmothers, the step moms, the adopted moms, the adopted grandmas, the woman that may not be blood but are there for you… It’s is the women…
You see when my sweet friends came to me and asked me to write “save the unicorns” after seeing a unicorn inspired birthday party, I created for my daughter, I thought, wow!! I was honored… But what really is the definition of a unicorn?

A unicorn is a horse with a horn on its head. Read that again a horse with a horn on its head. It is known to date back from biblical times. A unicorn is known for its love, its strength, its kindness, its magic, its loyalty and also its wildness and fierceness. What beauty such a creature holds. It is just a simple horse, but that horn makes it different. That horn turns an already beautiful animal into something exquisitely enchanting with a complete different purpose.

Isn’t that what we see when we see our daughters? All of our daughters are just little baby girls that were deposited to us to raise in the way that they should go. They kind of all look the same generally, but there is something on the inside of them that makes them different from every other little girl. There is something that makes them different and extraordinary. That makes them a unicorn in their own right.

So the question is, How do we “save the unicorns”? How can we raise them and keep them in their purpose, their dreams, that unconditional love with which they are born, that strength, that kindness all wrapped up with fierce, wild magic?
We start with us… They watch us… We start with us… Our little girls need to see mamas work hard, love unconditionally, be honest in all things, be loyal, have respect, be truthful, create a safe space for them to know that no matter what is happening in the world or in their world that we’ve got their backs NO MATTER WHAT!!

Each one of our unicorns was born with a purpose. A purpose that can take their entire lives to discover, or we can equip them with the tools of right living, right thinking, and right focus that can help get them to where they are supposed to be.

They all have dreams… We all have dreams… and we should never ever give up on those dreams. They watch us… They hear and see every move we make. Their dreams may not be our dreams for them and that’s ok. Our dreams probably weren’t what our mothers had dreamed for us either. So we should always make sure to fight for our dreams and push them to always go for theirs.

While our unicorns are watching us and we are teaching them to build their dreams and go for their purpose, they are also learning to build their strength, their loyalty and their kindness while keeping that unconditional love towards all and that fierce wild side.

We save them by continuing to give them the best of us because at end of the day – they are only unicorns because we were unicorns once before.