Get Hot Or Not

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This is your year! Now get up and get fit with Lauren!

The newest and most advanced fitness technology in the fitness industry has arrived! Lauren Leblanc and her team at Sleek Physique bring you the Polar Heart Rate Leader Board Training. This exciting technology takes the guess work out of your work-out. Sleek Physique members get real time feedback on their effort and performance. This new system keeps you pushing harder and feeling motivated while consistently improving your fitness level. The real-time screen allows you to watch your heart rate throughout your workout. After class, you are emailed a very specific breakdown of every minute of your workout.

Competitive? Although you can opt-out of the real-time screen or give yourself a nickname to remain anonymous, your workout report will show how you compare to members of the same age and weight category. The ladies at Sleek Physique continue to offer their members the best that the fitness industry has to offer.

Polar Heart Rate Leader Board Training Chart