Cast Iron Care with the Boss of Southern Cuisine

In Hardette Harris, Home and Entertaining by Lola Magazine

Whether you choose to use soap or not – when it comes to cleaning your cast iron pan, never use strong harsh chemicals. The best way to clean your pan is with a soft kitchen sponge under hot running water. If you must use soap, squirt a tiny drop at this time and immediately rinse well.

Dry with a paper towel or over medium heat. Dampen another paper towel with vegetable oil and spread over the pan. Wipe clean to store.

From time to time I place a few pieces of fatty meat like bacon in my pan and place it in the oven on a low temp so that it doesn’t cook or burn. Instead the fat melts and aids in seasoning pan. Remove meat and with a paper towel rub fat all over pan. Wipe away excess fat. The more you do this the more it will retain its nonstick quality.

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