Three Generations Celebrating 100 Years of Award-Winning Service

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Three generations of Boudreaux’s have been serving Louisiana with their award-winning service for 100 years.

In 1999, Douglas and Jennifer Boudreaux purchased Boudreaux’s new drug store in Shreveport and have been serving our community for over 24 years.  Boudreaux’s Specialty Compounding Pharmacy is where patients of all ages come to get compounded medications customized to fit their specific needs. We employ 5 pharmacists and 8 certified technicians trained with specialized knowledge to meet patient needs including veterinarian medications.

Our pharmacists continually attend seminars to stay abreast of the latest advances in compounding, high tech pharmaceutical delivery systems, pain management and the newest products on the pharmaceutical market. Take a walk down memory lane with us to see how it all began.

1st Generation 1923-1960

Amilcar J. Boudreaux, R.Ph.

1923 Founded Boudreaux’s New Drug Store in Opelousas

1935 Elected President of The Louisiana Pharmacists Association

1940 Opened Boudreaux’s New Drug Store in New Iberia & Lake Charles


2nd Generation 1960-1999

Robert O. Boudreaux, R.Ph.

1960 Purchased Boudreaux’s New Drug Store in Lake Charles

1972 Appointed to The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy

1984 Innovative Pharmacist of the Year Award

1985 Elected first President of The International Association of Compounding Pharmacists

1992 Louisiana Pharmacists Community Service Award

1996 National Compounding Pharmacist of the Year Award


3RD Generation 1999-Present

Douglas & Jennifer Boudreaux, R.Ph.

1999 Purchased Boudreaux’s New Drug Store and White’s Pharmacy

2003/2017 Louisiana’s Innovative Pharmacists of the Year Award

2004 Appointed to The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy

2006 ASHP CEO Award for Courageous Service for Hurricane Katrina

2006/2010 Louisiana’s Compounding Pharmacists of the Year

2010 Elected President of North La.’s Interfaith Pharmacy and Received The Louisiana Independent Pharmacist of the Year Award

2013 Louisiana Pharmacist Community Service Award

2019 Founded Hope Pharmacy – Louisiana’s 1st Medical Marijuana Pharmacy