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Fashion is Important but TRUE STYLE is Personal

I’m Rebecca Smart, wife, mom of three under four, Ruston native and owner of House of Colour Ruston. I am overjoyed to bring this concept to the North Louisiana area. My goal in this business is to build up other people and show them how to look and feel confident in their skin. I truly love people and nothing brings me more joy than to see someone’s eyes light up when they love what they see in the mirror. Inspiring confidence through style and color allows me to show others how to always put their best foot forward.

I went to a color appointment with one goal- to look and feel better about myself. After watching nine other women gain confidence and walk out of their appointments feeling amazing- I knew I had to provide this service to my community. So, I went home and told my husband I wanted to buy a franchise and he immediately told me no. So naturally, I proceeded with my plan, I just knew he would get on board and when he did, I wanted to be ready. A few weeks later- he told me I seemed different, like I truly felt better about myself and  if I felt like I could give the gift of confidence to other people, then we should do it! I had my yes! I signed my contract and headed to training within two months. On October 22, I opened and have had the joy of seeing over 200 clients since- all of which have made my days brighter and I know they are feeling amazing in their optimal color palettes.

House of Colour is a global image company with 35 years of experience. Our extensive training program features both in-person and virtual training to become certified in color and style analysis. At House of Colour, we are celebrators of individuality and curators of confidence! I offer a combination of two initial appointments 1) a color analysis and 2) a style analysis. The combo of these two appointments provides clients customized guidelines and information they can use to shop better for their lifestyle, budget, spend less time getting ready, minimize shopping stress and feel confident what they’re buying not only compliments their unique features, but also feels like their authentic self.  I offer closet clean outs, personal shopping, and customized appointments for all life’s events and transitions!

What is a House of Colour color analysis? 

House of Colour has been an expert in color analysis for 35+ years. We are expertly trained to see the changes color has on each individual and provide the optimal color palette, that flatters each unique client’s features.

What is a style analysis?

At House of Colour, we know how you feel on the inside is just as if not more impactful to our confidence than how we appear on the outside. That’s why, to form a client’s style profile, we refer to these as clothing personalities, we use a client’s unique body geometrics combined with who someone is and how they want to be perceived.

Once we identify a client’s style profile, we help guide the client on how to style pieces to best flatter their unique body geometrics, how to shop for pieces that both feel authentic to you and flatter your body, how to budget based on a client’s individual lifestyle, what pieces to splurge on and where to save. and more! These appointments can be more customized than the initial color appointment in many ways.

What happens in an analysis?

We start by determining if a client is warm or cool.

We then determine the client’s most optimal color palette (we classify these by season) and let them know which specific colors within that palette are their 10/10 showstoppers-we call these WOW colors. We then let a client know how to best wear the colors within their palette (head to toe vs pop of color vs pants ect.)

For those interested in makeup, we’ll show you:

  • how to shop our makeup products which are all specifically formulated for each season
  • how to create a quick, simple makeup look using our products so you can look and feel great in 90 seconds
  • show you your signature blush and then guide you on the lip colors that work best with your seasonal palette

I would LOVE to have you in the studio!

Email me at:

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@houseofcolour_rebeccasmart for booking information.