Unwrapping the Typical

Lola MagazineLola Shreveport

If you find yourself looking for the perfect gift for someone who already has “all the things”, think about unwrapping the typical and give them an experience in beauty, health or travel.

Unique jewelry and trendy new gadgets are always on the top of everyone’s Christmas list, but we do live in a retail world where more stuff is at times… just more stuff.

House of Colour

This is a very cool gift idea for the ladies in your life. Believe it or not, this is also an awesome experience for the guys as well. Fashion is important, but true style is personal. House of Colour’s personal stylists can help you to look fabulous and radiate confidence in the colors and shapes that suit you as an individual. Let’s face it, when someone looks amazing, their face lights up, eyes sparkle and their confidence soars. The House of Colour system is trained to the highest standards here in the USA. While fashions, trends and fads come and go, the theory of color, as interpreted by House of Colour, remains based in science, logic and objectivity; enabling every client to own their individual WOW! 

House of Colour believes that everyone is beautiful, and it is their purpose to bring this belief out in everyone who seeks their services. Rebecca Smart, our area’s House of Colour consultant, can make the special people in your life look and feel amazing every single day.

The DRIP Bar

Your body works hard enough—it shouldn’t have to work hard to get the essential vitamins and nutrients needed for optimal wellness. IV drips are absorbed at a much higher percentage, feeding your cells to fuel a more balanced life. Whether they are healthy and want to stay that way, fighting an illness, preparing for surgery, or recovering from travel, The Drip Bar has something for everyone’s personal health. The DRIP Bar is focused on helping people obtain their best health using advances in intravenous therapies. Their dedication to cutting edge treatments, commitment to community, and the excellence of their experts lead their drive in the industry. If you are looking for an excellent gift for anyone in your life, give them the gift of health and wellness with a trip to The DRIP.

Travelmation – Tori Brister

The gift of travel is one of the most exciting and unforgettable gifts that one can receive. Tori Brister was born with a love for TRAVEL! She believes new experiences enrich our lives and has always enjoyed exploring new places herself. Now, Tori is sharing her love for travel with her clients and helping them gift amazing travel experiences to their families. Whether you are dreaming of a luxury villa, attending an elite sporting event, cruising the Mediterranean on a private yacht, or getting lost in the Disney magic, Tori will curate the details so that you can make the memories.