DIY Outdoor Christmas Gifts

Lola MagazineHoliday, Lola Shreveport

Supplies Needed:

  • Different sized cube shape boxes
  • Wrapping paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • An icepick
  • Rebars

This easy Christmas DIY will add a fun, festive look to your front porch this holiday season!

Start with three different sized boxes. Ideally nine‑, twelve- and fifteen-inch cubes have the best effect.

Tip: You can use as many boxes as you would like as long as they are all different sizes.

Use an ice pick to punch holes in the top and bottom of each of them so that you can run a piece of rebar through them. (It’s easier to do the holes first, before getting them all wrapped pretty.) For the smaller boxes, slightly off center your holes, so that the boxes can tilt on each other.

Wrap your boxes

Tip: Keep your wrapping paper pattern running the same direction.

Tip: Before you poke holes through the paper, put a little tape on it. It will help the paper from ripping.

Add your ribbon and bow.

Tip: Make sure your seams are down the middle of the boxes so ribbon will cover them up.

Tip: Use double-sided tape to hold the ribbon and bows in place.

Place your rebar through the bottom of the largest box and through the top two boxes.

You can stack your presents flat or place them in topiaries to give a larger effect.

Tip: Make sure your project is displayed in a covered area away from moisture.