Summer DIY Crafts

In Kiddos, Victoria Arnold by Lola Magazine

Summer has started, school is out, and entertaining our kids while they’re home 24/7 can be challenging for even the most studious parent. Make some new favorite memories this summer with any of these family-fun summer crafts!

Squirt Gun Painting

#1: If your kids aren’t fond of painting outside, change their tools to give them a fun new method of painting!

With a couple of medium-sized white canvases for target practice, all you’ll need next is some tempura paint, diluted with a little water, and a couple of squirt guns to get the fun started.


We find that placing a few drops of tempura paint into clear squeeze bottles and diluting it with a little water can help dispense the paint into the smaller openings of the squirt guns.

Tie-Dye Towel

#2: Beach trip coming up? Let your kiddos use their own towels to both dry off and show off!

For this craft, it’s best to use 100% white cotton towels, tie-dye paint of your choice (we find that Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye works well, and it is available at any Walmart location).

Next, choose your rubber-band method (spiral, bull’s eye, heart shape, etc.). After tying up your towel and applying the dye, make sure to keep the towel secured in a garbage bag to lock in the moisture and store overnight.


If your kids want a little more personalization, you can also purchase spray-on tie-dyes and let your kids write their name in duct tape on the towel before spraying it with paint!

Backyard Terrarium

#3: If you’re looking for a more educational craft and need to put those leftover mason jars to good use, teach your kids about the ecosystem that’s right in their backyard with their own terrarium!

Start with any large glass container with a lid, and fill the bottom about 2-3 inches with layers of rocks. After this, add about half an inch of horticultural charcoal to support filtration, place some moss on top, and then add a few small plants collected from the backyard. After spraying a few pumps of water with a spray bottle, place your terrarium in an area with bright yet indirect sunlight, and only open the lid to release excess moisture. Once complete, your tiny ecosystem is good to grow!


If your jar is a little tight to squeeze your hand through, try using a larger, longer set of tweezers instead to help you easily arrange smaller objects in the terrarium!

Kid-Made Bird Feeders

#4: Got an empty leftover toilet paper or paper towel roll? Don’t throw it out! Make a simple, disposable bird feeder so you and your kids can properly welcome all of your backyard bird friends.

First, punch four holes on the bottom of each side of your cardboard roll. Collect two sturdy, thick sticks from the backyard to place perpendicularly into the holes, allowing the birds a place to stand while eating. Afterwards, simply puncture two holes at the top of the roll, grab some leftover string or yarn, and tie it through the holes to create a handle to hand the feeder in a nearby bush or tree.

Next, slather the sides of the roll with smooth peanut butter, and simply sprinkle a handful of bird seed over the peanut butter, and voila!

(there’s no pro-tip for this one)

With COVID still lingering, these fun activities can provide a safe and entertaining way to occupy your family members when you feel a little too cramped to stay indoors. So break out the art supplies, and have some creative fun in the sun!