Best in Sheaux

Lola Magazine Community, Stephanie Jordan

Biscuit’s preferred spot to sleep each night is at the foot of the bed, nestled cozily under the covers next to the feet of her owner, Misty Alexander. Considering her plush nightly accommodations, it is difficult to imagine that four years ago Biscuit was a puppy needing a forever home.

Born amongst a litter of Dachshund mix puppies, Biscuit was being cared for by LA (Louisiana) Baby Mommas, a non-profit organization that specializes in rescuing puppies that require around-the-clock monitoring and bottle feeding.

Having lost her dog of 15 years a few short months prior, perhaps Misty’s heart needed rescuing, too. An application was submitted, and the Alexanders soon received a call that Biscuit was ready to be adopted. She was brought home and given to Misty on Mother’s Day four years ago, and except for her two sons, Misty says that Biscuit has been the best Mother’s Day gift she’s ever received.

“She’s the sweetest little dog ever,” Misty said. “She immediately loved us, and we loved her.”

In the years since her adoption, Biscuit has fit right in with the Alexander family. In a household with two young boys, Nash (9) and Rex (7), Misty says it’s hard to know who the real animals are in the house sometimes. And while she may not be a show dog, Biscuit is shown the same love and attention as any dog of high pedigree. In fact, the youngest of the Alexander boys cannot remember a time that Biscuit wasn’t a part of their home and family.

This was the vision Andrea Everson had twelve years ago when she held the first Best in Sheaux fundraising event for Robinson’s Rescue Low Cost Spay/Neuter – that every dog or cat would have the opportunity to live the life of a show dog.

Best in Sheaux started as a watch party for a group of donors with love for Robinson’s Rescue and the Westminster Dog Show, and since its inception, it has grown into one of Shreveport’s most anticipated events. Robinson’s Rescue rolls out their version of the red carpet – a dog-friendly green turf – to recreate its own form of the Westminster Dog Show and highlight all types of dogs in our local community.

All dogs, including “pure breeds” and beloved mutts, are welcome to walk the runway and strut their stuff in support of Robinson’s Rescue and its mission to prevent pet overpopulation through high-quality, affordable spay and neuter surgeries to our community.

“Our end goal is for Northwest Louisiana to be a no-kill community, and every dog and cat has a loving home.

Through spay and neuter services, we can create a better life through prevention,” said Everson, CEO and Medical Director at Robinson’s Rescue. “The Westminster dogs are beautiful and have pedigree, but that is the same love that anyone has for their pet. We want to celebrate the work we do and make sure that every animal has this love in their life.”

This year’s Best in Sheaux begins May 26 with the opening of the online silent auction and voting. This year’s silent auction boasts everything from massages and skincare, to clothing, earrings, and jewelry. Raffle items, including a $500 gift card to Clark’s Jewelers and a case of Tito’s Vodka, are also up for grabs. Alexus Kelley, Development Coordinator at Robinson’s Rescue, says the generosity of donors and sponsors make this event possible and unlike no other.

“We’ve got it all! There are events, excursions, behind-the-scenes tours. We have been so blessed with how many people have donated to us this year; it is truly phenomenal,” Kelley said.

The runway show will air June 5 on TV, which also features a Shelter Dog Showcase highlighting several pets available for adoption locally. This year’s Best in Sheaux will conclude on June 12 with the VIP Awards Show at The Lot in downtown Shreveport. Voting for the Best in Sheaux will close at 7 p.m. June 12 and the winner will be announced at the VIP Awards Show that evening.

As for Biscuit, she is looking for her moment in the spotlight as she takes her turn on the green carpet to compete in this year’s Best in Sheaux. Walking the green runway is a tradition for the Alexander family. Last year Misty’s mom, Dr. Josephine Futrell’s pet Beaux, was given top honors and named Best in Sheaux.

“It’s a passing of the torch,” Misty said. “We’ve always supported Robinson’s Rescue. It is such an amazing organization for those who hold animals near and dear to their hearts.”