For The Griswold In Us All

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If you have a little Clark Griswold in you this holiday season, check out these tips from professional Drew Hampton with Southern Magnolia Landscaping on giving your family and your home a real  “FUN, OLD-FASHIONED FAMILY CHRISTMAS.”

Have a plan.

Measure your linear footage, evaluate hanging surfaces and locate your power sources.

Begin by studying the roofline, gutters, and shingles. Christmas lights can be installed on any of these surfaces, but there are specific materials for each type of surface.

It is critical to know the linear footage need before purchasing materials. Determining the type of surface you are applying lights to is also critical. It will determine the type of lights, clips, and sockets to use. Finally, the location of power sources will determine where you can plug in your timer and connect your lights and how much lighting you can install.

Proper materials make all the difference.

Having the appropriate tools, ladders, and materials for each job is critical in being efficient and safe.

We use only commercial grade bulbs, socket line, and strands. Quality lights are going to give your home a more professional look. You can find better lights searching online than in local big box stores. If you invest in quality lights, they will continue to work year after year. We purchase lighting for our customers and store them until the following year.

Generally, you will use c9 or c7 for rooflines and ridges and 5mm mini strands for trees. Large tree wraps (outside wraps) can use c7 or c9s as well. Only use LED bulbs. You will have fewer issues and longer life span with these bulbs. Timers allow lights to come on and turn off without having to worry with plugging in or unplugging. We set our timers in “dusk until dawn mode.” They will come on at sundown and turn off at sunrise.

There are many different styles of clips. Choosing the best one for each situation is important to ensure your lights remain in place for the season.

Pro tips on wrapping trees.

Trees are time consuming so don’t get in a hurry. Start from the bottom and make your way up wrapping. Try to keep your bulb spacing consistent. Gaps will be noticeable. Wrapped trees can make a beautiful, bold impact when done correctly. Remember to practice safety when hanging.

Safety first!

Safety is the most important. Make sure you have the correct equipment, and always have a spotter when using ladders. If you aren’t comfortable getting on your roof, don’t. Call a professional.

Drew Hampton, owner of Southern Magnolia Landscaping, is licensed and insured in professional light hanging.

If you want a “wow factor” this holiday season, give them a call to schedule a time for a free quote.