The Resilience of Human Nature

In Bevin Hicks, Lola Shreveport by Lola Magazine

My favorite part of this epic year 2020 has been watching the resilience of human nature unfold in so many amazing ways.

Our children are displaying resilience of a “new normal” we never expected them to endure. Small business owners have continued to roll up their sleeves and get back to work in the midst of uncertainty. Communities have joined together as one to recover from Hurricane Laura’s devastation. Life has definitely thrown us some curveballs this year, but the people of Louisiana have continued to overcome, and we keep on keeping on. 

This issue of Lola Magazine celebrates resilience! Back to School was different this year but our school leaders worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of our children. Our kids have jumped right into school with excitement among many changes. Lola Magazine’s Made in Louisiana Awards give us the opportunity to honor all great talents and small business owners that make our state full of fun and culture. 

Maybe one day we will look back on all of the challenges that we have faced and realize that the year 2020 gave us some of our greatest experiences. In the middle of a world pandemic and a category 4 hurricane maybe we made some of our most treasured memories. Maybe? Who knows! Crazier things have happened… 

Love and Blessings!