We are all a work in progress

In Bevin Hicks, Lola Shreveport by Lola Magazine

Boy, has 2020 been a constant reminder of this simple fact. What a whirlwind the past four months have been. I feel as if God wanted our attention, and therefore He got it!

Lately, I have spent a lot of time learning more about “the gift of grace.” Grace is something we extend even when we may disagree. Grace is also something that I have never been more grateful to receive. As an adult, I have earnestly attempted to always be open-minded and kind in all situations. I thought that I was pretty good at putting myself in the other person’s shoes and being as compassionate as possible. Yet, I also think that I became quite comfortable with just knowing my heart was in the right place. As I said, we are all a work in progress. 

Because of grace, we are all given the opportunity to continue growing throughout our lives. I am grateful to my children for allowing me the grace to work from home during this time. They wish I were able to play and be present with them. When I shut my office door and hear them play through the walls all day, I am consumed with “mom guilt.” Yet, when I open my door at the end of the day, with open arms, they love me just the same. My family continuously offers grace when I have too many irons in the fire, am always running late and typically showing up in a frenzy. When I arrive, they are happy I am there and do not mention that I am late, or that I am only wearing one earring. (Except my dad! He always finds a way to mention my untimeliness.) I am so grateful to my Black friends for extending me the grace to truly understand why we must stand together to fight racial injustice and inequality. I am thankful they teach me grace for the privileges in my life that have been denied to many others. It is our pledge at Lola Magazine to continue to stand beside them in this fight for justice and equality. I am eternally grateful that the Grace of God allows us all to be a work in progress, no matter how far we have to go!

We hope that this issue of Lola Magazine brings new perspectives and enlightenment. Along with the amazing women featured in this issue, we also celebrate summer fashion, health, beauty, and a stunning new home that brings timeless beauty to our modern world. 

Wherever this summer takes you, or because of our current situation, doesn’t take you, we hope that you find the time to enjoy these long summer days. With less hustle and bustle we have been given more time to reflect, a chance to offer more grace, and the opportunity to sow the seeds of growth. May your harvest be plentiful!

Many Blessings,