Shreveport Police Dept. Heroes Then & Now

In Community, Twin Blends Photography by Lola Magazine

A salute to our local police department for their tireless efforts through these trying and difficult times!

 A couple of years ago, we took pictures of a few police officers, while they were off duty, in order to combine them with old pictures of past police officers that we found at the LSUS Archives. We blended the old and the new photos together as part of a Twin Blends “Heroes Then and Now” video project in order to honor first responders. That video, as well as hundreds of other videos and pictures, can be found on our Twin Blends Photography Facebook page! Here are a few pictures that we used in the video! It’s just our way of honoring the men and women of the SPD. They are true HEROES! 

  • Cpl. Sed Mathews next to motorcycle police-man from 1949 (name unknown). Vintage photo: Jack Barham Collection
  • Lt. Michael Lasuzzo “shaking hands” with a counterpart from 1955 (name unknown). Vintagephoto: Shreveport Times Collection
  • Officers Jack Wade and W.C. Steadman (from the past) with Lt. Keith Cobb and Officer Tina Nelson. Vintage photo: Jack Barham Collection
  • Then motorcycle unit (date unknown) blended with present day motorcycle unit. (l to r) Sgt. Michael Laszuzzo, Cpl. Troy Flores, Cpl. Bobby Entrenkin, Cpl. Sed Matthews and Cpl. Robert Webster. Vintage photo: Shreveport Police Collection