Fight Your Mental Quarantine!

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While much is out of our control during this COVID-19 Quarantine, there are things you CAN do to increase your brain function and overall well-being!

Eat Well

The right nutrition is essential for brain function.  Sugar and grains are detrimental to brain health.

Every bite either Feeds or Fights disease.  The right foods increase brain function.  Eat a variety of colors in your veggies, lean protein and healthy fats.

Move your physical body

Creates Blood Flow to the Brain, grows the hippocampus (area directly responsible for learning)

Enables the brain to detox itself


These are not the same as isolation or sitting and watching the news all day! 

Twilight Hour-Turn off electronics, dim the lights, quieten the house an hour prior to bed.

Schedule Breaks throughout your day-just 10 minutes to walk outside makes a significant difference in the way your brain processes info!

Social Interaction

FaceTime or Zoom

Drive By’s

Phone calls

Mental Fitness

Live Mental Workouts with LearningRx

Play Board Games

Learn Something New

Conversations-Target Topics

Music-60 to 80 beats per minute is the normal heartrate.  Listening to music that has this same rate of beat will calm the brain and increase connections.

Call us at LearningRx for more tips or to schedule your on-line cognitive assessment.  Find out how your brain can be stronger and learning can be more efficient.  We work with children through adults with a variety of needs. It would be our privilege to visit with you (at no charge) to see if we might be a fit for you or your child.  The assessment is also available at a reduced price if you mention this ad!