Express Yourself: Be Bold this Halloween Season

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The Fawn

  1. Before we begin, I want to say you can do this look with your everyday makeup. Therefore, it’s ideal for a last minute Halloween costume! Start by doing your normal foundation routine. You’re then going to heavily (and I mean HEAVILY) apply contour on your cheekbones, temples, and sides of the neck. You also want to shade the sides of your nose.
  2. Now, use a black liquid liner to fill in the bottom of your nose to mimic the shape of a deer’s. Apply black lipstick (or black liquid liner) to only the top lip to further the deer illusion. You can always switch it to a nude or red lip if you’re going to be drinking and eating all night.
  3. Then, use a white cream liner (I used NYX’s Jumbo Pencil in “white”) to apply the white dots over the contoured areas. Also, add a little to the tip of your deer nose and blend it out. This gives the illusion that the nose is wet. If you don’t have access to the white liner, you can also use a concealer that’s lighter than your skin tone!

Wonder Woman

  1. Start by outlining all of your features in black, such as your cheekbones, nose, lips, and jawline. Heavily line your eyes and fill your brows in with black. I used Mehron’s Paradise Paint in “black” for this look, but it can be substituted for a black liquid liner as well.
  2. Use gold glitter, metallic gold paint, or gold eyeshadow to fill the crown. Then, use red liquid lipstick for the lips and star on the crown.
  3. Add white lines right next to the black lines using white liquid liner (I used NYX’s white liquid liner). As simple as this step may seem, the highlights really pull the comic book style together!


  1. Before we start, I’d recommend buying water-activated body paints for this look. These paints dry down completely, don’t transfer, and wash off easily with soap and water! Much less of a hassle than using grease paints. I normally use Mehron’s Paradise Paints or Graftobian’s Pro Paints for my projects. You can buy these directly from the company’s website or from
  2. Start by using a light shade of blue as your base. To activate the paint, wet a foundation brush with water. Then, cover your entire face and other desired areas. Then, paint little stripes around the perimeter of your face and body using a darker shade of blue. You can also use this darker blue paint to fill in your lips. Now, use either a pink paint or lipstick to cover the bottom of your nose and center of your lips.
  3. Finally, the easiest step that really pulls the look together. Add little white dots all over the face and body using a white liquid liner! And that’s it! Congratulations! You’re an avatar now!

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