The Masters of Master Bedrooms

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THE MASTER SUITE (M.S.) has long been a haven for parents/adults to escape the seemingly endless responsibilities of life, work and children. It is a place to unwind, decompress and do nothing but relax, sleep and recharge. Most folks have an idea of what they want, but simply don’t have the time or skill to pull it together. Space: interiors has worked on over two dozen of these retreats and it’s our responsibility to make them as stylish and comfortable as possible while also reflexing each individual owner.


The first M.S. on this list is our most recently finished. This room exudes a “Modern South” feel complete with four-post bed and carefully selected pieces to reference antiques but in a thoroughly updated way. A muted palette of taupe, cream, gold and chocolate was used to give this space a rich, elegant feel without being austere. The walls are painted in two tonal colors which meet in the back corner. This layering of tone and texture mixed with subtle punches of blues is repeated throughout, giving this space a relaxed formality. Crowning the room is a playful, graphic wallpaper in chocolate, champagne and ivory. The movement in the paper changes depending on which angle it is viewed.


Our second suite is in Minden, set within a plantation-style home atop a hill on 17 private acres. The room is ample sized (400+ square feet), giving us plenty of space to assemble what I refer to as “High Eclectic.” This style involves mixing differing pieces into an intentionally mismatched look. The pieces compliment each other rather than match. Actually, all of our spaces utilize this “mixed” look, which gives our spaces their uniqueness. This room exudes a calmness that is immediately felt upon entering. The smoky blue ceiling, ivory molding and light grey walls set the palette, which is consistently repeated in varying shades in the furniture, art and accessories.


The third M.S. on our list has a modern, sexy vibe. A custom headboard by Casey David helps set the mood for this modern, elegant space. Custom velvet drapery by Virginia McKinnon adds a rich tone and texture to the calming palette of blue, ivory, grey and gold. We added a gorgeous muted blue/gold graphic wallpaper to the ceiling to help unify this large suite. Modern furnishings, seating and art give this room a clean, sophisticated vibe sans the fussiness and I love EVERYTHING about it!


Our final M.S. is in the same Minden home as our #2 High Eclectic, and is actually a guest suite. But, since it was designed for visiting adults, I am including it. This room fits its setting perfectly with an antique four-post bed, two seating areas and completely redesigned ensuite bath. I refer to this look as “High Country,” because the furnishings we selected hint to the past with antiques and distressed pieces. The muted palette of bone white and taupe gives this room a clean, understated elegance that showcases the items within. The custom drapery has a modern “camo” feel while the chandelier (designed by me) disperses an amazing shadow-play that mimics a forest canopy. A deconstructed chair sits askew a window overlooking a deer feeder on the grounds. This is referenced in the playful side table with hoofed legs. Another hoof-legged table acts as the TV stand on the opposite side of the room. The original “Cotton” painting by Anya Lincoln (New Orleans) anchors this side and injects the only muted color into this otherwise tonal palette. The ensuite bath is awash in luxurious materials and a modern-day trough tub, which again references the past. As you can see, each of these rooms has its own vibe and reflects the tastes of the owners. Everyone is unique and this should be reflected in their rooms. Which of these styles best fit you? If none, that is fine, let us help you find it!