Car-Line Love: A Tribute to Educators Who Weather the Elements

In Kiddos by Lola Magazine

To the teachers and faculty who sacrifice so much, your willingness to keep our children safe does not go unnoticed. From education in the classroom to battling the elements of our Louisiana weather- Rain or shine, blazing heat or freezing temperatures you are out there each day, in car-line and bus duty keeping our kids safe.
THANK YOU for all that you do!

Mr. Beverly makes carline so much fun with his fun hats!!

– Molly McCormack Lebrun

Mrs. Peaks makes sure her Kindergarten Kids get to main Carpool safe everyday at St. Mark’s School!

– Carie Hart

When our amazing crossing guard was out, our principal came to keep the kids safe at A.C. Steere.

– Pamela Kelley-Kennedy

We love our principal, Mrs. Allen at Eden Gardens Magnet!

– Molly McCormack Lebrun

All of our sweet staff at Eden Gardens Magnet sweat it out in this LA heat to make carline safe!

– Molly McCormack Lebrun

Me at car duty this past winter at North Desoto.

– Emily Gemelli 

Mrs. Scheel is known as the Carpool Queen at St. Mark’s! Rain, sleet, snow or heat, you won’t miss her with her  famous Walkie Talkie!

– Carie Hart

A.C. Steere’s team of crossing guards and carpool staff work hard to keep everyone safe. And our kiddos are always happy to hug Mrs. LeBlanc along the way!

– Danielle Richard

School Pick-Up Safety Tips

All parents, whether they are walking or driving, can participate in several types of safety procedures for picking students up from school to ensure that everyone can leave school safely and easily.

  • Arrange carpools if possible to minimize traffic near the school.
  • Volunteer to help teachers and administrators direct traffic during peak pick up periods, or volunteer for crossing guard duties.
  • If possible, avoid scheduling medical appointments or non-school activities immediately after school ends to minimize rushing.
  • Try to pick students up five or ten minutes later to avoid the worst traffic congestion.
  • Teach students to be responsible pedestrians and discourage horseplay and other dangerous behaviors near the pick up area.
  • Most important, parents should be patient, respectful, and courteous to other drivers while they pick their students up from school. Anger and frustration can lead to careless, unsafe behavior, and being a positive role model can help students learn safe procedures.