Conversation Pieces

In Home and Entertaining, Myron Griffing by Lola Magazine

Hola Lola! I am thrilled to have been asked by Lola to write my first article for this awesome magazine. And not to worry, though I am 5’6’, I will NOT be appearing within its pages to avoid “controversy” …HA!!
So, grab a cup of coffee/tea/vodka/etc., nestle into your favorite spot and enjoy.
When putting together an outfit, one of the more fun and interesting aspects is accessorizing. This is not altogether different from finishing a room. We love to add vintage, unique, and eye-catching pieces (accessories, art, pillows, lighting) that don’t overpower but compliment our spaces. These are sourced from a variety of locales including boutique interior shops, antique stores, flea markets, estate sales, furniture stores and yes, even “big box” stores. Adding these items gives your space a sense of individuality, history and character. Just view them as the “handbag and jewelry” of a room.
As designers, we bear the responsibility of introducing something new to our clientele. Otherwise, what is the point of calling us, right? Items that individually may seem out of place often become the most talked about once in the room. We LOVE that!
Accessories are secondary to the primary usage of a room and are meant to compliment the overall space, but should be stand-alone, “cool” pieces. At Space: interiors, we wholly believe that each item should have its own little story to tell. When selecting these individual pieces, we rely heavily on our visceral response to them. I want to “gasp,” “ooh” or at the very least, “ah” over every piece. We use little “designer tricks,” such as unifying elements of repeating patterns/color and material to integrate these pieces into your space. These highly curated accessories give each of our rooms a different personality that reflects our individual clients.
Whether using a designer or venturing out on your own, here is the takeaway. See it + Love it = Buy it!