Laurie Calahan Uses Jewelry Making Talent to Promote Survivor Support

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As Laurie Calahan waited in the waiting room of the Gingerbread House Children’s Advocacy Center, she immediately knew she wanted to give back to an organization that helped her family during one of its most difficult times. Calahan chose to use her talents as a jewelry designer to help raise awareness for child abuse and to aid in the financial support of the Gingerbread House.

She created “SASS,” Sexual Abuse Survivors Support, a collection of key chains and necklaces. One of the designs is a blue pinwheel, the symbol for child abuse awareness and prevention. Another creation features the symbol of unity designed by Jacqueline Lin, which is an image of solidarity for survivors of sexual assault.

Calahan felt that there was not enough conversation about child sexual abuse and support for victims. She wanted to encourage people to become aware of the issue and educate their children with the goal of preventing a child from ever becoming a victim.   It is her hope that the “SASS” collection will encourage open discussion about sexual abuse, prevention, and support for victims.

She also designed a recycled glass jewelry collection called “Broken Beauties.” “Each piece from my ‘Broken Beauties’ jewelry line is carefully considered and lovingly named after a strong, beautiful woman who has inspired me to be a better me and to stay the course,” said Calahan. “I believe that everyone has something broken within that can be beautifully healed. I love the concept of taking brokenness and making something beautiful out of it … literally and metaphorically. The idea for my ‘Broken Beauties’ jewelry line emerged from some very painful experiences of my own, coupled with the outpour of support and encouragement from others who have endured their own pain and have arisen victoriously on the other side.”

Calahan donated a “SASS” Collection necklace for each guest at the 2017 Gingerbread House Partners in Prevention Luncheon recently.

Profits from sales of the “SASS” collection and a portion of the sales of the “Broken Beauties” collection go directly to the Gingerbread House to help victims of child sexual abuse.  Calahan’s unique collection may be viewed at

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