Trick or Treat: DIY Halloween Costumes

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With Halloween just around the corner, the quickest and easiest way to get your kiddos their costumes is to run down to your local party store and pick up the latest Disney Princess or Marvel Superhero attire. While store-bought costumes can save parents a ton of time, there has always been something heartwarming about making the kids their costumes at home. We reached out to our readers and asked them how they created their own children’s DIY Halloween costumes, so here are few tips and tricks to make crafting your child’s costume this year easy yet still unbelievably cute!

DIY Tulle skirt

Picture sent in by Elva Romero

Picture sent in by Sarah Garrett

One of the easiest, go-to costume methods is the no-sew DIY tulle skirt! Simply take a length of ribbon or elastic, long enough to fit around your child’s waist, and a large amount of tulle strips. Fold each piece of tulle in half and loop it around the ribbon or elastic strip to form a tight knot. Push each tulle knot together so you don’t spot any elastic or ribbon in between the pieces, but make sure to leave some excess ribbon at the back to tie around your child’s waist! This simple method can be used to create so many costumes, from princess to ballerina or even to add a girlish flair to a cute puppy dog outfit!

Picture sent in by Chanda Price

Picture sent in by Heidi York Gerkin

Cardboard can become a parent’s best friend when it comes to crafting Halloween costumes! This inexpensive material can be used to build all kinds of elaborate ensembles. Simply cut a hole in the top of a cardboard box and glue on some straps to sit on your child’s shoulders, and then you can transform that box with some paint or construction paper into your child’s favorite vehicle! From cars to boats to even trains, cardboard boxes can go a long way with a little bit of imagination! Another fun and easy costume to create is your child’s favorite toy. Turn your children into a classic set of Lego pieces by gluing plastic containers to a cardboard box and then covering the whole thing in a glossy coat of spray paint!

Picture sent in by Lindsey Faith

Picture sent in by Heidi York Gerkin

Some of the most popular costumes of 2017 can also be some of the easiest to make! Create your children’s favorite videogame characters by gluing felt details onto inexpensive clothing such as t-shirts or leggings. This method can be used in the simplest of ways, such as gluing two eyes on a pink t-shirt to be a Pac-Man character, or in a more elaborate fashion, such as gluing small squares of felt to your child’s clothing to achieve that pixilated look of their favorite Minecraft character. Halloween can be fun for parents and kids alike, and creating your child’s costume can be just one of the many fun activities when it comes to this time of year!

Written by: Rosemary McMaster