Let Them Eat Cake

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When you walk into Krush Boutique, you immediately feel a wave of positive energy. That positive energy is Daniel Adams.  As a young teen, he fell in love with retail while working in his aunt’s Christian bookstore.  Even at a young age, Daniel genuinely got to know his customers. He loved to hear their stories, and of course, he has always been a genius at helping them shop. He hit the fashion retail industry in 2004, at the ripe old age of seventeen. Growing up in small town Louisiana in a devout Pentecostal family, fashion was not a top priority. Despite his humble beginnings, when Daniel walked into the fashion industry he found his calling. Not only did he find his passion, he found his unsurpassed talent for dressing women. Krush opened in Shreveport, spring of 2012, and quickly grew to locations in Lake Charles, Louisiana and Longview, Texas.

This past year has been quite a mixture of excitement and challenge for Daniel. With much success, he launched his own clothing line, LET THEM EAT CAKE, in early 2016. He created LET THEM EAT CAKE when he noticed there was a void in the fashion industry for women in our part of this country. With his years of experience and his eye for design, he began designing his own clothes. LET THEM EAT CAKE is a line designed in beautiful prints. These clothes are transitional, comfortable, and simply fabulous for women of all shapes and sizes. All of his clothes are made in the USA. He was not sure how the retail industry would take to his new line, but he put his heart and soul into it, and it took off!  In the midst of his success with launching LET THEM EAT CAKE, life threw Daniel a huge curve. This curve is called Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma. Cancer!  For most people, a curve of this magnitude would throw us right off the road. Not Daniel. He handled this challenge like he handles everything in his life. With his electric energy and his brilliant, sarcastic wit, Daniel faced Cancer with a smile on his face.

As he was going to daily cancer treatments, he was working even harder to bring the women in our area clothes that make them feel beautiful. LET THEM EAT CAKE grew from being sold in twenty-five locations to over six hundred boutiques in just five months. The same months that challenged him the most. Daniels cancer is not completely curable, but he is stable and will continue to undergo treatment. Daniel said that he named his clothing line LET THEM EAT CAKE because “it sounded empowering”. Daniel Adam’s himself is empowering! He is talented, full of resilience, and carries a sense of style that is unmatched. Daniel has a certain honesty that can make you feel fabulous even if he gives you his “that’s not the outfit for you” look. You can be sure that he will help you find the outfit for you, and it will be perfect. Daniel is a reminder to all of us; when the cards seem to be stacked against you, keep your head held high and simply LET THEM EAT CAKE.

Daniel Adams

Daniel Adams