Knox Goodman

In Fashion, Lola Shreveport by Lola Magazine

  1. STICK TO THE BASICS – Always have a nice black skirt, black pants, classic jeans that fit well, and a special occasion dress (short, but long if you need it). I call these “MGD&P Dresses”, dresses that work for “meeting, greeting, drinking and praying.”
  2. ACCESSORIES – Gold OR silver necklace, bracelet, and earrings. For rings, never have more than three rings total on both hands.
  3. SHOES – Have a nice pair of heels and flats in basic colors. Keep your shoes well maintained. If they are worn out it is time to retire them.
  4. MANICURES AND PEDICURES – Always a must!
  5. MOST IMPORTANT – Never wait until the day before an event to shop for your outfit. Buy things you love and that fit properly as you find them. Think ahead!