My Favorite Piece

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Local Designers Share their Secrets for Making a Big Impact with Little Effort in any Space

Lauren Roebuck

Gold Details
Gold is the new black in the design world. Gold accents can add a rich and authentic look to any space. When using gold, a little can go a long way and make a huge impact on providing richness to any room.

Clint Downing

As a designer, I love the element of textures, geometric designs and abstract color tones to accent a room. Whether it is for a unique accent chair, drapery trims or accent pillows, this sublime and often muted color palette adds a bit of depth to the design without dominating the space.

Myron Griffing

I love the graphic impact wallpaper provides! It’s a HUGE bang for your buck and provides a look simply not possible via paint!


Laurie Gautreau

I have a thing for lighting, so when asked what my favorite accent is I immediately thought of lamps. I always try to place a statement piece in each space of a house and they are a great way to do that. In addition to pretty fabrics and art, lamps should be just as eye catching and beautiful!

Kristin Kirk

Throw Pillows
“I am a fabric and textiles junkie!” I love the way fabrics add depth and texture to a space – and one of my favorite ways to do that is with throw pillows. The perfect combination of throw pillows can elevate an entire room by providing just the right amount of luxury, whimsy, playfulness, or sophistication. With the thousands of sizes, shapes and fabric options out there, throw pillows are full of versatility. Changing pillow covers, or the entire size and shape of the pillows themselves, is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to make a major change in your space that will provide a HUGE impact! Throw pillows are a fantastic way to make a room or space uniquely your own.