Group Fitness: All The Rage

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Looking for something to make exercising fun again?! Many people are turning to “Group Fitness” camps and programs for an alternative (though no-less challenging) approach to reaching their fitness goals. Combing fitness, enjoyment, competitiveness and accountability has become the perfect combination for folks everywhere actually sticking to their fitness goals. They offer a multitude of fitness benefits, and despite the challenges of fitness and exercise, group settings are just more fun.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing one yet, check out some of our area’s best and jump in the group fitness fun!

Camp Gladiator

Camp Gladiator is a fun, challenging and personalized workout program designed to unlock your full fitness potential. This program is where amazing workouts, top-rated Certified Personal Trainers and an incredible community come together – whether outside or online! Camp Gladiator started because the fitness industry was missing something. What began in a parking lot in Dallas, TX with 40 Campers has multiplied to over 3,500 locations across the nation. Camp Gladiator focuses on group fitness because they believe we are all better together. Their program strives to give people everywhere a life-changing fitness community, with amazing trainers at convenient locations, for an affordable price. 

Johanna Boult’s Camp Gladiator Experience

I hesitated when I was asked to talk about my fitness journey. Because I’m not done. I’ll turn 50 this year and earlier in my life, I didn’t really have to work hard to stay fit. But over the last 10 or 15 years, it has taken work. My body reacts to food differently. I have more responsibilities at home, at work and in the community. It’s been a struggle to concentrate on my own health and fitness. I became very weight conscious, struggling with paying too close attention to the numbers on a yo-yoing scale. I found myself losing sight of self-care especially since COVID hit in April of 2020, and the whole world was thrown off our normal routine. I ignored self-care more than I ever had. For me it was: canceled Zumba classes, working from home, walking less and eating crappy food to soothe anxiety.

In October of 2020, my friend Paige invited me to try Camp Gladiator. And since then, I’ve been a regular. I train two or three times a week, and always (100 percent of the time!) feel better after a workout. The scale shows that I’ve lost weight, but I don’t even care about that anymore. I feel healthier and stronger than I ever have. CG has helped me to make fitness a part of my everyday self-care routine. I’m so grateful to CG, my regular trainer Amy Maranto, and my fellow gladiators for walking with me on this journey.

Rebecca Harris’ Camp Gladiator Experience 

Seven years ago, I used a Groupon to try out an outdoor fitness camp and it changed my life forever.  I showed up at a 5:15 a.m. Camp Gladiator class, was greeted by the perkiest person I had ever met, and I instantly questioned my life choices.  I was insecure – unsure I would be able to do what was expected. I was certain that people were judging me and if they weren’t yet, they definitely would once they saw my abilities.  I was 39 and just wanted to work on my stamina before a trip to Disney that fall.  Fast forward seven years and I am healthier than I’ve ever been in my life. In my 20’s and early 30’s, I was a size 6 and I went to the gym.  However, I was a chronic dieter and was not healthy – at all.  Since that morning seven years ago at Camp Gladiator, not only has my physical condition improved, but my mental, emotional, and spiritual health has been transformed.  I’ve made lifelong friends, dealt with adolescent trauma, embarked on a journey of healthy eating, and have more energy than I’ve ever had.  I realized that food was fuel and started to treat it as such.  If I want to feel well tomorrow, I fuel well today!  I am able to care for my elderly parents, work a full-time job, complete college courses in the evening, and care for my family while still working out every day! In fact, exercising is what I do for myself.  It’s something I look forward to now!  I am a far cry from where I was.  I used to live in fear of the alarm clock going off in the morning.  I doubted that I would measure up or even be capable of doing what I considered the bare minimum.  Before even getting out of bed, I doubted that I would have enough energy to make it through the day after I worked out. You see, no one was judging me, but me. I was my own worst enemy.  I was setting limits on myself.  Once I dealt with that, there was no holding me back!  I look forward to seeing my existing friends at camp and enjoy meeting new friends and learning about those around me.  When I travel for work, I’ll pick up a virtual session or attend an in-person camp, since Camp Gladiator has so many locations.  I encourage anyone that has doubts about their abilities to improve their health to just try.  Realize that there is SO MUCH MORE to be gained than just dropping a few pounds or improving your stamina before a Disney trip. Just be open to where the journey might take you!


Mamas are strong! They love strong, serve strong, invest strong, and teach strong. Every mama is different, but one thing is the same, we need community and strength for life.

“I opened FIT4MOM Shreveport-Bossier in fall 2020 because the season of early-mid motherhood can be lonely, exhausting, and lack in healthy self-care. FIT4MOM programs changed my life after my second daughter was born physically and mentally. I experienced a community of mamas like me who all saw amazing physical results, built self-care into their life, and had improved mental health. Motherhood can be a busy and challenging season of life but it’s not meant to be done alone. Through opening this business, I wanted to share these incredible programs and work together with our team to build a community where moms can come together, be real, struggle, laugh, connect, and grow healthy. Our team believes that healthy moms raise healthy, strong families, and we love discovering new ways to help moms do that better!”  -Sarah LeBlanc, owner

 FIT4MOM Shreveport-Bossier provides local moms with the support, community and self-care she needs during pregnancy, postpartum and throughout every stage of her motherhood journey. We know that community is just as important for mamas as strength and wellness. Our village offers playdates, monthly moms’ night out, family events, charitable opportunities, and events to connect with the community throughout the year.  We love our village. It is full of kind, fun, and welcoming mamas. 

“Every momma needs Fit4mom!! The community you get with this program is like no other. You get to prioritize your health while getting to connect with other moms going through the same stages of life as you. It’s a breath of fresh air, and I’m so thankful that I get to be a part of this community of women!” – Lindsey, member of FIT4MOM

FIT4MOM Shreveport-Bossier offers classes at various locations and times across the Shreveport-Bossier area. We meet in local parks, gyms, malls, online, and outside local businesses. Our class formats below vary in style and intensity to accommodate prenatal, postpartum, and beyond. 

FIT4BABY® Prenatal is designed specifically for moms-to-be. All exercises are carefully selected to prepare your body for the many changes you will experience during pregnancy with coaching for every trimester. 

Stroller Strides® is a functional, total-body conditioning workout designed for moms with kids in tow. Each 60-minute workout is comprised of strength training, cardio and core restoration, all while entertaining little ones with songs, activities and fun!

Body Well® – An 8-week result-based journey, improving your overall health and wellbeing. Includes high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts (Body Boost®), Nutrition guidance, recipes and meal planners, and individualized coaching with before and after fitness assessments.

Run Club+ – Our Run Club community welcomes moms of all stages, as well as friends, family members and kids of all ages! Run Club is a great way to get outdoors, improve your health and fitness, and connect.

“Love the community! Love the workouts! It’s been the best experience I’ve had doing the Body 

Well program. The best success in getting back to physical and mental health after having my child…6 years ago. All of the instructors push me to do my best even when I don’t think I can do it.” – Samantha

“My daughter and I love getting out of the house and working out with this community of mamas. Fit4mom allows me to have one less excuse for working out since I never have to worry about finding a babysitter. I know going into Stroller Strides classes that my little girl will always be entertained by the songs, books, bubbles, etc., and that I will get a great workout in! This village of mamas is really something that cannot be replaced and I’m so glad I get to be a part of something so special. This group really is a blessing.” -Sara

Moms can find their place at FIT4MOM Shreveport-Bossier at any stage of motherhood! For more information check out our website or visit our Facebook @fit4momshreveport or Instagram @fit4momshreveport-bossier. We can’t wait to meet you mama; you are welcome here!