Axe Throwing

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It sounds fairly easy until you try it and realize there are skill elements involved in the game. This means proper execution, a unique system of scoring, and rules. Like the game of darts, but with axes. Wherever your skill level may be, this fun new sport is definitely worth checking out. 

Axe throwing was actually a popular pastime back in medieval France and pioneer-era North America. The game that we know today got its start around 2006 in Canada. A few friends throwing axes at a lake cottage in Ontario decided to bring back the old world sport and created a modernized axe throwing product. The game kicked off what has now turned into a revolutionary sport and recreational activity. 

Beginners can use either one hand or both hands to hold and throw the axe. Throwing an axe seems similar to throwing a free throw in soccer. You begin by targeting, placing your hand(s) at the axe’s bottom, and then position the axe above your head. Next, you bring the axe forward, lean forward with your weight, and release the axe. If the axe strikes the bullseye, then you get a good score. It will most likely feel a bit awkward your first round, but like anything, practice makes perfect.

Although this new sport has evolved into professional axe throwing competitions for some, axe throwing is just good, old fashion fun for most. Our local axe throwing establishments are extremely friendly and welcome new customers on a daily basis. They will take their time to explain how everything works, and they even give lessons on throwing techniques and safety. Next time you are looking for some fresh entertainment options for friends or family, grab some dinner and head to one of our local axe throwing establishments. 

Bandit Axe 

5131 US-167, Ruston

Bayou Axe – Bossier

509 Barksdale Blvd Bossier

Bayou Axe – Ruston

100 North Vienna St Ruston

Savage Axe

1812 Tower Drive, Monroe