The Sports Mom’s Ultimate Survival List

In Julie Ruddick Emory, Kiddos by Lola Magazine

Before having my kids, I dreamed of twirling tutus, music lessons and maybe some low-key sporting activities here and there.  I quickly realized that my kids were heading in a different direction and I was about to be thrown into a club of sweat, cleats, and dirty everything.  My 10-year-old Landon (girl with a boy name) and 8-year-old Ruddick (it’s my maiden name, don’t judge) wanted nothing to do with anything “low-key” and everything to do with all of the sports – all of the time.

As a sports mom, you are given multiple titles. Cheerleader, counselor, motivational speaker, coach, chauffeur, and laundry mat staff just to name a few.  We do our best to encourage our children through adversity, teach them all the lessons team sports have to offer, and try to not push too hard or too little.  But let’s cut to the chase.  Being a “soccer mom” isn’t really about the athleticwear and Starbucks coffee.  Most of us fly by the seat of our pants, fuel tank on empty, and just hope we show up to the right game with the right kid.

It took me years of hearing “I need this” and “can you go to the store?”  and feeling grossly unprepared to finally “arrive” as the go-to mom for all the random needs tucked away into my Mary Poppins bag (specifically a Bogg bag).  Let ME help YOU as we enter the great season of spring sports to prepare the ultimate mom sports bag.   

The Basics

  • Sunscreen
  • Chapstick
  • Toilet Paper (they will always run out)
  • Sunglasses
  • Snacks
  • Travel Chairs
  • Pain relievers
  • Cooling towel
  • More water than you think
  • Hair ties

Next Level

  • Wagon
  • Portable charger
  • Bug Spray
  • First Aid Kit
  • Towel
  • Propane Heater
  • Extra Propane
  • Spray Deodorant (you may have to share)
  • Lots of gum/sunflower seeds (nervous energy)
  • Hand warmers
  • Portable fans
  • Umbrella
  • Eye black
  • Benadryl cream
  • Tent


  • Weather Pod (the ultimate climate bubble)
  • Diaper cream (if you know, you know)
  • Baby Powder
  • Contact Solution
  • Ziplock bags
  • Breakable Ice packs
  • Pedialyte
  • Liquid IV (Louisiana summers)
  • Dry Energy Tea (mama is tired)
  • Sewing Kit
  • Baby Wipes
  • Water-resistant zipper pouches
  • Extra cup (THAT cup)
  • Safety Pins
  • Ammonia Water
  • Sports Wraps
  • Zip ties (you just never know)
  • Extra shoelaces
  • Bag for muddy clothes/shoes
  • Pencil/Pencil Sharpener
  • Pitch counter
  • Travel tool set (sometime gear breaks)
  • Air freshener for the car
  • Gatorade chews