A Great Cover Story

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Written by Myron Griffing

Whether you love it, hate it, or are completely indifferent about it, wallpaper has been around for thousands of years and will definitely be around for many more to come.  Apparently, it was invented by the Chinese, who glued rice paper to their walls as early as 200 B.C.  This was less decorative and more for insulation (and yes, I Googled that).

Like anything else, wallpaper has fallen in and out of favor throughout its history.  Fortunately, we live in a time when it’s not only “in favor,” but wildly popular.  New materials and advanced printing methods have introduced: metallics, dimensional, photographic, highly textured, and paintable papers.

At Space: Interiors, we absolutely love using it! Wallpaper helps coordinate or introduce different colors into a room while adding an entirely new visual element other than “another painted wall.”  We use it to highlight architectural elements within a room or to break the monotony of having all the walls painted the same color.  Of course, we’ve also used it on the “5th wall” in several homes.  It’s great to hear feedback from our clients telling us how often their ceilings are complimented.  As a designer, I feel like I’ve accomplished my goal if folks walk into one of our spaces and compliment the ceiling of all places.

As I’ve stated multiple times, “too much of anything is too much,” so use it sparingly and wisely.  Think of it as a snazzy sportscoat or statement earrings; it should draw attention, but shouldn’t distract from the overall look