Front Door Therapy: DIY with Bridget

In Bridget Hamm, Home and Entertaining by Lola Magazine

In need of a refresh? Give your front door a facelift!

If you believe the exterior is in need of a refresh, there’s an easy and inexpensive DIY project that really packs a punch: Give your front door a facelift! Paint your front door and get ready for your neighborhood to take notice.  

Finally it’s fall (some say winter, but ya’ll know we rarely have winter), so you can tackle this project. Pick a day when it’s not too hot or raining because you will need to leave your door open for a few hours. Some of you may want to get a heavy tarp or piece of plywood to prevent unwanted guests (mosquitoes, birds, your in-laws) from sneaking in your house. 

You’re Fixin’ to need:

Painter’s tape 

Fine grit sandpaper

Paintable filler (if you have any cracks or hole in your door)

Good quality paint brushes

1 quart of primer

1 quart of exterior paint (pick a color)

Or hire a professional if your Honey Do list is already full

How to paint a paneled door:

  1. Remove the door and all of the hardware. Rest the door on a pair of sawhorses (or something stable that can hold your door – not the kids or your grandmother’s step stools) outside. 
  2. Clean, then scrape off any blistered or peeling paint. Use sandpaper to smooth the surface. Before painting, wipe away the extra dust with a damp cloth. 
  3. Use painter’s tape to cover anything you do NOT want painted (windows).
  4. Do NOT skip priming. This will help prevent the door from absorbing moisture, smooth out the texture and keep the paint from soaking into the wood.  Be sure to cover the front and all the side edges. 
  5. Once the primer is dry, it’s time to paint. As the diagram shows, paint
  6. The hinged edge gets the exterior color when the door swings in. If the door swings out, the side with the knob gets the exterior color. 
  7. Apply a second coat of paint for a smooth finish. Once the door is COMPLETELY dry (it will no longer be tacky to the touch), the hardware can be reattached and door replaced. 
  8. Sit back, enjoy a beverage and admire what you just completed!

Palette by Purpose

“Happy” Yellow Color – A sunny entry hints at a home’s warm entry. A yellow front door symbolizes mental clarity, cheerfulness, wisdom, confidence, creativity and intellect. If you want your visitors to consistently feel merry whenever they enter the home, then a yellow front door might be the right match for you. You may hear your neighbors refer to your door as pretty as a peach. 

Blue is Inviting Guests Over- According to several studies, blue is the most popular color for front doors. This color is considered to be regal and rich yet fun and funky. People with blue front doors in their homes usually have a “go with a flow” personality and usually attract others. This may be the neighborhood hangout!

Bold Red Presence – Aside from creating a bold statement, painting your front door in red will surely make your house stand out. Red doors generally express a sense of “welcome” and give guests an inviting feel. According to feng shui principles, a red door symbolizes a positive energy flow and good luck. 

Green Tree Hugger – Green is the color of nature. A green front door suggests that its homeowners are very caring toward the home and the community. This is often associated with traditional values and positive characteristics, which are very desirable for a home. You may be the mom with a fun scavenger hunt or outdoor expedition planned for the kids. 

LBD (Little Black “Door”) Makes a Statement – The color black is commonly associated with strength, power and authority. The beauty of using black for your front door color is that it offers a timeless look, which means it will not go out of style– think of it like your favorite little black dress. Dress it up or down, your front door will always look great!