Lola Trendsetters: Kemper Baugh and Courtnee Crews

In Clinton Downing by Lola Magazine

Today, ladies are constantly on the go, and their attention spans are limited. They want the ease of flipping through Instagram or Facebook for inspiration from their favorite lifestyle bloggers. With a few clicks of the touch screen, the desired look is delivered to the door within days. They may seem simple, but quite often that impulsive pursuit becomes just another tagged garment in the back of the closet. As spring approaches, women want to breathe new life into their wardrobe. They do a bit of spring cleaning and purge their closets to make room for the next round of instant purchases.

Anyone can own clothes, but not everyone has style. Sometimes just having the latest looks and trends hanging in your closet is not enough if you are not quite sure how to pair these looks together. The frustration can build when you know you have a closet and jewelry box filled with many amazing things, but you just don’t have the confidence or creative perspective of how to wear them. That is when having a bit of assistance or inspiration comes into play from. Fashion bloggers can help you make an outfit a “wowfit.”

Two Louisiana ladies have taken to these apps and media sources with a large following. Monroe/ West Monroe natives, Courtnee Ruth Crews, 24, and Kemper Block Baugh ,26, have built a strong following in just a few short years. Both have their own lifestyle journey their own perspective of what to wear, when to wear it and how to wear it. Young and old alike have become their fanbase. Young girls want to dress like them. Mothers and grandmothers are brought into the life of what is hip and what pieces in their closets need to hit the donation pile.

As trends constantly change, these two ladies continue to take basic pieces that will have duration and evolve them to the next level with accessorizing and pairing options. Aspiration has allowed two small town chicks to cross the road into a broader spectrum.

Just a few short years back, Courtnee was working in Monroe, Louisiana, modeling for a local boutique, Duck and Dressing and Delta Style magazine. Both have since closed their doors in the last year. At this time, she began to take photos of her day-to-day comings and goings under the moniker “Skinny Jeans and Ice Cream.” As time prevailed, she found the desire to explore fashion shoots using local outdoor spaces for the backdrop.

That moniker on Instagram changed to @CourtneeRuthie soon thereafter and so did her location. Two years ago, Courtnee made a bold move to Los Angeles, California to live out this dream on a broader spectrum. With more than 24,000 Instagram followers, a Twitter following (@CCrewzin), a much-pinned Pinterest page (courtneeruth) and a maxed- out Facebook friends list, she has traded in the downtown locations of Monroe and West Monroe for the beaches of California and notable locations of familiarity in Los Angeles. Courtnee’s motto in fashion is that there are no rules. Her personal motto is “Spread Kindness and Love Yourself.” Courtnee’s biggest loves are Asian food and her weenie dog, Pimm. She jokes that her blood type is miso soup. Courtnee also never takes this new found following too seriously. She has stayed true to her Louisiana roots and keeps laughter as a part of her persona. This laughter may not come through in her pouty images in front of the camera but shines through in real life.

Courtnee’s social media presence has landed her with modeling gigs for Chanel cosmetics, Urban Outfitters, French Connection, andOUIA Haircare. She has been snapped by the cameras at many fashionable red-carpet events around L.A. as her career continues to blossom.

Kemper Baugh was brought up around fashion much of her teen years; although, it was not a true focus for her. Kemper was the cheerleader and homecoming queen at both West Monroe High School and ULM. She was very active socially on both campuses. Having a boutique owner in the family made it easily accessible for her to dress in the latest , but it was not really a part of her DNA at the time. Kemper went for comfort over style. Kemper however had that persona that resonated in runway shows and photoshoots for K-Sera boutique. Once on stage and in front of the camera, magic appeared in a most dramatic transformation.

Upon graduating, Kemper was not sure the direction that life would take her. A recent newlywed to her husband Jordon Baugh, Kemper began to post tongue in cheek videos and photos of their happy new journey in life. As time progressed, that creative lightbulb appeared. Her love of fashion and style blogging became her career. At this time, “Jo and Kemp” was born. Over the past five years, Kemper and Jordan have shared their fashionable romance. They have created a stylish marriage while keeping it God- centered. As Jordan works as an accountant, Kemper spends all her focus on branding. It has become the center point of her life. She launched a website www. joandkemp .com, a Facebook page (Jordan and Kemper), and Instagram page (@joandkemp).

Her modest following soon took an upward turn when Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty and Dancing with the Stars liked, shared and commented on one of her Instagram posts. It has boosted her account to more than 155,000 followers and has taken her on a broader spectrum with www. where you can shop the looks from her fashionable journeys.

This fashionable lifestyle is a partnership. Kemper and Jordan have designed out a life that fits his work schedule and allows them time to jet off from Monroe on the weekends for fashion shoots. When that is not possible, the fashion is brought to them to create a style moment in front of the camera. Their locale for shoots is often in the heart of downtown Monroe, West Monroe, Ruston and Shreveport.

Young into their marriage still, they have found a great balance enjoying this trendsetting lifestyle. It has afforded them trips to Los Angeles and well as fashion week this year in New York City. The joy and love you see in their images ring true in their lives daily. Much of their personal time is spent in front of the camera; yet it works for them. Keeping an open perspective and balance to this marriage has formed a creative union that brings them joy in their life together.

On a rare occasion, Courtnee and Kemper have the chance to spend time together. This past summer in Los Angeles, they were able to reconnect in sunny California for some fashion and fun. They have a genuine respect and admiration for each other, and have not found their paths to be competitive in the world of social media blogging. These two have a genuine friendship. As their journeys into this world of fashion continues, these two Louisiana ladies balance out their southern roots with their own fashionably stylish flair.

As the summer vacations approach, and invitations to special events begin to arrive, following these two ladies may create an inspiration for a signature style that will inspire your purchases more sensibly. Their advice and styling may also save you from the return lines and call tags for dress that just didn’t flatter you once off the hanger or out of the box. Taking risks on fashion may not always create the results you hope to achieve. Limiting your sources for inspiration can cripple your personal appearance as well as your budget. Having well informed style advisors at the tap of a screen or click of a mouse will bring a more cohesive fashion palette into your wardrobe.

Courtnee Crews and Kemper Baugh are living their best lives and sharing their great fashion sense with the world. I have watched these two young women evolve from the imperfect teen years into fashion icons. For from each caterpillar comes a vibrant and beautiful butterfly. I look forward to seeing them spread their wings and continue to fly.