Nailed it!

In Health and Beauty, Rosemary McMaster by Lola Magazine

Looking for the scoop on the latest nail trends? We got you covered! We found the pros and cons of three different nail techniques so that you can find your perfect manicure. So, scrap the standard polish and discover a new way to rock your nails!
Gel Manicures:

Gel manicures have a lot of pros, but also a few cons. Unlike regular nail polish, gel manicures won’t chip and will stay shiny for weeks! Gel polish has a formula that can harden under a UV light in only thirty seconds. They can last for up to two weeks or longer, depending on how fast your nails grow, until there’s a noticeable gap between the nailbed and the polish. Salon prices may range from $35 to $40, and removing old gel manicures might cost up to $20. For at-home manicures, a bottle of gel polish and the gel basecoat can cost around $7 to $10 each. You will also need a UV light, however, which can cost anywhere from $25 to $40. In terms of nail damage, it is never the polish itself that damages the nails, it’s the removal process! Picking or buffing gel polish off can cause significant damage to the nail. The best way to go about removal is wrapping an acetone-soaked cotton ball around each finger with a piece of tin foil, then waiting ten to fifteen minutes until the polish gently slides off the nail. The other downside to gel polish is the UV light; UV light might cause premature aging of the skin and increase the risk of skin cancer. So this manicure style should be used with caution!

Dip Powder Manicures:

Dip powder manicures are a comeback trend in the nail world. Dip nails supposedly last longer than gel nails, up to three or four weeks. Unlike the gel, dip nails don’t need a UV light to set. Instead, dip nails require putting a special base coat on your nails, and then dipping each one into a pigmented powder. Just tap off the excess powder and throw on the sealant topcoat, and your manicure is done! In terms of cost, dip manicures at salons generally range around $45 to $50. If you want to do it at home, individual powders can cost around $10 each, although you will need the basecoat and topcoat polishes around $7 to $10 as well. The main issue with the dip manicure is that it isn’t the healthiest product on your nails. Dip powders are technically acrylic, which means removal can be a tedious process of filing and soaking in acetone, both of which are not great for your skin or nails.


Brazilian Manicures:

Brazilian manicures are a little intimidating because of the messy process! Unlike the American manicure, Brazilian manicures apply color to the entire nail, from cuticle to tip. As no edges are left bare, the polish can last around several days to a week without chipping. The process starts with an in-depth removed of the nail cuticles. Once clean of cuticles, the nail – and much of the skin around it – is messily coated with nail polish. While this step is a little scary looking, painting the polish this way allows color to get to every corner of the nail. After color, the excess polish is carefully rubbed off the skin, then cleaned up with acetone. Brazilian polish might cost a standard manicure price at any Brazilian salon, around $15 to $25. Or, if you take the time to work on your cuticles and clean the polish off your skin, the Brazilian manicure can be done at home. Because the polish is normal nail polish, nail damage is not much different than that of any normal American manicure. No buffing or soaking needed for these nails!