Dreamy Nurseries

In Kiddos by Lola Magazine

“To live will be an Awfully Big Adventure.” – Peter Pan
Nicole Davidge has a magical knack for creating nurseries full of whimsical design and sweet details.

Nicole and her husband, David, welcomed their son, Dixon, home to his wonderous, adventure themed, nursery in 2016. Nicole is a perfectionist by nature and a lover of meaningful details. Picking out a theme was the tough part, but they did know they wanted their little boy to find adventure in all things. David was partial to a pirate theme, but Nicole wanted something a little more fitting for a nursery. She combined pirates with adventure, exploring, and seeing all the world has to offer. The result was both a design success and full of fun. The space includes adventures of all kinds, from the high seas to a mountaintop camp fire. Until Dixon can go out and explore the world, he is set for adventure in his perfect, playful room.



Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

New adventures are on the horizon for the Davidges as they prepare for a baby girl, set to make her arrival in early December. Nicole’s intention with her new-found role as a “girl mom” was to create a space full of imagination and room to dream big.

She put all her girl mom feelings into making this nursery as heartfelt as possible. She wanted their daughter’s nursery to be filled with wonder and culture, complete with tea parties, doll houses, playing dress up, and lots of Louisiana details. She picked a dreamy pink and white checked wallpaper for the nursey with gold accents and a pop of green. She sprinkled her design magic all over the bathroom with colorful, fun confetti. Her creative eye expanded to a wall dedicated to her “Louisiana girl.” The state song “You are my Sunshine” hangs next to the state fruit, strawberry, the state bird, pelican, the state insect, the honey bee, the state flower, magnolia, and a crawfish pacifier. Nothing says “Louisiana girl” like a crawfish pacifier. This fanciful nursery is filled with golden story books, fun shoes, jewelry, hair pieces, and princess dresses for anticipated hours of dress-up and tea parties. Quotes of inspiration complete the room to uplift and bring laughter, because there is nothing better than the laughter of children playing.