Backyard Summer Splash

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Written by Angela Vinet

“Why helloooooo, Summer, we’ve been waiting for you!

Just as bright and cheery as our favorite Lola ladies, long summer days offer the chance to have simple fun keeping the family happy and memories flowing.

Now that summer is here, grab those easy memories with the family by taking it down a notch and channeling those 1980’s summers of carefree fun.

Bicycles, bubbles and water balloons are all that is needed to make take-in special moments together. Though fancy fun is great (who doesn’t like water parks and vacations), what the kids remember are the carefree moments with their parents throwing a ball or making wishes on dandelions.

Simple summer fun is easy breezy; put away the technology and simply play with the kids.  Jump into the fun! To have fun is to be happy and to be happy is to be young. Kids want to see parents smile, laugh, and be carefree.

Here’s to wishing on dandelions, catching fireflies, and a summer filled with S’mores!

Carefree Lola Ladies FUN Guide

  • Picnic like a pro – blanket, food, and drink or for a quick picnic grab a rotisserie chicken from the grocery
  • Make a tent in the house or build a tent fort outside
  • Nature Walk – grab the water and hit the trails
  • Bike Ride – Louisiana has beautiful bike trails or ride around the neighborhood for easy fit fun
  • Board games are always a hit
  • Bubbles – The Internet is full of bubble solutions, make a vat of bubbles and try for the really big ones
  • Hula Hoop – Have a contest with the kids, bean bag toss to the hoop, or create a hoop obstacle course
  • Kabob Night – let the kids make their kabobs to grill