South Louisiana Coastal Charm

In Lola Shreveport by Lola Magazine

Pam and Ronnie Richmond purchased their home on Main Street in Slidell, Louisiana in 1974, next door to the home that Pam grew up in. The Richmond’s raised their three children on Main Street, a place where every neighbor is like family. The door is always open and you will always find adults and kids alike eating, drinking, and celebrating life as only South Louisiana folks know how to celebrate.
As Pam’s mother, Noemie grew older they decided to build a mother in law home between their two houses. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina left eight feet of flood water, destroying Pam’s childhood home. After graduating from Louisiana Tech, Pam and Ronnie’s son Major moved back to renovate the flooded home. Soon after, their daughter Eagan and her husband built their home in the original front yard of Pam’s childhood home. It is said that Louisiana is the happiest state in the nation because people in Louisiana stay close to family. The Richmond’s are a testament to this. Everyone in Slidell refers to these homes on the corner of 8th Street and Main Street as “The Compound”. The Compound is a place where everyone is family and always in for a good time.
The Richmond’s are “beach people” to put it lightly, therefore Pam’s style and knack for Costal Deco is pristine. When walking into her home, you can honestly smell the beach. As soon as one project is finished she is on to the next, with attention to detail she makes her little place in the world a South Louisiana coastal dream. Pam’s mother passed away in 2009. The Richmond’s recently converted the mother in law home into a pool house to be enjoyed by all the patrons of The Compound.

The pool house project is now complete, athough to Pam, it’s never finished; It is beach bungalow perfection! As Pam will often say “If you can’t live on the beach, at least you can pretend like you do!”.