Recruitment Ready

Lola Magazine Fashion, Lola Shreveport, Madeline DeBlieux, Wallace Lee

Every fall a rite of passage occurs on college campuses across the nation: Sorority Recruitment, also known as Rush. A sea of recent high school graduates flood campuses in hopes of finding the perfect sorority to yell their name and welcome them in as one of their own. From experience, Recruitment can be stressful. You want to make certain your wardrobe is perfectly planned and ready to impress. I remember packing for Louisiana Tech Recruitment in hopes that my wardrobe for the week was flawless. You only get one first impression, so make it a good one! Fashion has changed since my day; however, these beautiful pieces will prove to have you Recruitment ready.
Off the shoulder and ruffles reign supreme this summer! Ruffles prove feminine, yet classy. Off the shoulder pieces make a big impression, so keep the rest of your outfit simple. Pinks, turquoise and corals are great colors to help you stand out. You must have a white dress for Preference Day and the ones shown here would be perfect. Think about how you want to represent yourself – if you are a girl who loves color, then go for colors and perhaps a fun print. If you are more reserved, opt for soft pastels or even a classic little black dress. The way you dress is a big part in representing who you are, but who you are on the inside is most important. Always be true to yourself and enjoy Recruitment! You’ll know which house to choose; it’s the one that feels like home!

Written by: Madeline DeBlieux
Photos: Wallace Lee
Location: Special Thank you to Nader’s Gallery and Centenary College