Fit For Life Challenge

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New beginnings are on everyone’s mind when the New Year rolls around. With fresh resolutions and goals to be met, one of the most prevalent concerns for most people involves their health and how they are going to finally “get fit.” To kick off those healthier lifestyles for 2017, NBC6 gave a few individuals the opportunity to really make some changes and help them find their best self. NBC6 sponsored a weight loss competition, as well as a sweepstake, called “Get Fit for Life” from February through May. For this challenging campaign, NBC6 partnered with professional health trainer Robert “Super-Mann” Blount to promote a healthier lifestyle among the residents of the Shreveport-Bossier area. These lucky contestants were chosen as the winners of this sweepstake, and each winner won a multitude of prizes aimed to aid them in their weight loss journey over the course of the last several months. The prizewinners included Edward “Trey” Jackson, Theudas Allen, Winter Buklad, Cassondra “Casie” McDowell, and Janica Allen. Each contestant won free training and advice sessions with Mr. “Super-Mann” himself at his physical fitness center, Body by Super. The contestants also received free lunch or dinner from Panera Bread throughout the duration of the challenge, as well as free supplements from Prince Harrison of Optimum Fitness, free exercise classes with Lisa Lou Fitness, a free Fitbit from Rudy Macklin, who is the executive director of the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, and, finally, a free diet and nutritional assessment by Pair O’ Docs’s Dr. Karen Pendleton and Dr. Jack Ward.

After The Fit For Life Challenge, we had the opportunity to spend some time with three of the five and learn more about their journey. We also had the opportunity to speak with the always energetic “Super-Mann.” He was beaming with pride to see the success of these individuals. The journey of fitness is always on-going, but having Super-Mann on your side makes the continuous task a little easier and a lot more fun!


Janica Allen

Janica Allen works for the Shreveport Police Department as a community liaison officer and lives with her baby girl. Janica wants to get fit to promote a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically for herself and for her baby!“This will be a challenge within itself to publicly address my weight. I’m ready to be fit for life!! I am 30 years old, a mother and I work hand in hand with the community as a community liaison officer for Shreveport Police Department. My weight began to change as soon as I stopped playing basketball in college. I’ve made every excuse to why I don’t have time to exercise; being a working mom, starting and stopping diets, seeing results but gaining them right back due to emotional eating. Now I’m ready to stop all of that and learn how to be healthier mentally and physically. I want consistency and discipline and to feel good about myself. I am 5’5-1/2” weighing 235 lbs. Most would say I look about 180-210 at the most but the scale doesn’t lie.”

I’ve learned my weakness and strengths. I learned that I was my main problem. Mentally speaking… working out with Super-Mann made me recognize I can do it. I learned more about my body type, what I can and cannot eat, and the science of weight loss. This made losing weight easier than it has ever been before. I am looking forward to losing thirty to forty pounds more.

Cassondra McDowell

Cassondra McDowell, who likes to go by Casie, works for Southern Ingenuity in Shreveport, which is a social service agency that provides services to individuals with special needs through several state and federal programs. Casie holds the position as Facilitator/Supervisor at her job and runs the local office here in Shreveport. Casie was raised in Hall Summit, Louisiana, but currently lives in South Bossier with her husband, Richard McDowell. The couple are presently empty nesters, with their children Aleigha, Richie, and Nicole all happily married. Luckily for Casie and Richard, however, they get to enjoy their nine grandchildren! “Hi! My name is Casie. I am a 49 years old and have been overweight most of my life. I recently was hospitalized in December 2016 for heart problems. I am trying very hard to lose weight and could really benefit from having some help in learning how to eat right and change my habits. Having an accountability partner also helps when trying to achieve a goal. Choose me for this opportunity I know it would make a difference in my life. I choose LIFE, it is a must that I GET FIT FOR LIFE!!!”

Theudas Allen

Theudas Allen is the owner of Allen’s Grill, located in Minden, and he also works at Church’s Chicken. Theudas faces daily health challenges based on his lines of work, but these challenges have proven to be awe-inspiring victories he has overcome in the end! Moreover, Theudas’s transformation might influence an altercation for some of the menu items in his restaurants to promote healthier eating! “I am a self-motivator and the owner of Allen’s Grill located in Minden, Louisiana. However, I am constantly striving to self-improve in areas that I know need improving. Additionally, I am motivated to lose weight; however, my struggle is keeping the weight off. When I lose weight, my energy level increases and I feel 100% better throughout the day. I am an emotional eater when I’m feeling stressed, which is not good. I am excited and willing to enter this challenge and excited to see the change it will make in my life.”

Challenges inspire me, this one was a great experience. I always believed in myself, and now I am doing it for myself.I enjoyed the challenge I hope in a few more years I can be a part of the body building part of Fit for Life.


Robert Blount, A.K.A “Super-Mann”

Robert Blount began his bodybuilding, fitness, and training career in 1980 under the professional training of World Class Power Lifter, U.S.A. Bodybuilding Champion, and Pro-Wrestler Tony Atlas.  After one year of working with Mr. Atlas, he began training with Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. World Tony Pearson. He spent two years learning professional training mechanics, lifting techniques, health and nutritional concepts for all body types, as well as stage and posing presentation, which were undoubtedly his most advanced training.In 1984, “Super-Mann” began training with Mr. Olympia Champion, Lee Haney. The Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Champion is the greatest bodybuilder in the world. He professionally trained, coached, and motivated Mr. Haney for seven years to win seven consecutive Mr. Olympia Championships, surpassing the great Arnold Schwanegger’s previous record. Lee Haney currently holds the world record in professional bodybuilding, winning eight Mr. Olympia Championships. He has toured the U.S.A. and Europe giving motivational seminars on health, fitness, nutrition, and bodybuilding.