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Promote your event and sell tickets through! Your event will appear on our online community calendar, and our event management system makes tracking ticket sales easy! Did we mention that our fees are lower than our competitors? Check it out for your next event –

How does it work?

STEP 1: Create an Account

Once logged in, you can add your event & ticket details here:

STEP 2: Add New Event
STEP 3: Track Ticket Sales
Manage all of your events here:
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  • Edit Events
  • Delete Events
  • View Sales Reports
  • View Attendees Reports

What fees are charged?

When selling tickets through, Organizers are charged 2.9% plus $1.00 per transaction. Your customers will clearly see these additional fees added to the total ticket price. will pay Organizers for all tickets sold after the event is held–typically on the following business day.