Tennis – For the Love of the Game

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If you already play tennis, you understand what all the hype is about. Tennis’s popularity has been trending high among ladies in recent years. Why is tennis such a great sport to play? Many experts agree that tennis provides major health benefits. It provides mental, emotional and physical gains; it can add years to your life. Tennis engages your mind and body at the same time and, as a result, tennis players are healthier, less stressed, more socially

active and simply happier when involved in the sport. The physicality of the sport is a major aspect of tennis, but the social aspect adds another benefit to the physical and mental improvements tennis can bring. The fun atmosphere and positive vibes that surround the game boosts its popularity among women and families. Camaraderie between tennis players seems to be a bond that is only understood once you grab a racket and get on the court.

The best part is that it is never too late to start playing; tennis is a lifelong sport. Whether you’ve played for years or never picked up a racket, there are several programs in our area for players of every level. Tennis can also be a family affair. Many ladies have gotten their husbands out on the court and it is an excellent sport for kids. Tennis teaches sportsmanship, discipline, coping skills and again, it’s just plain fun! Tennis is a sport that allows you to develop skills for many years while making new friends and having a great time along the way. If you want to give tennis a swing, there has never been a better time to do it.


Chanelle Carter began playing tennis only a few months ago. We asked her how her experience has been since deciding to try tennis for the first time.

Where did your initial interest in tennis come from?

After hearing that my New Year’s resolution was to pick up a lifetime sport, my husband, Neal, surprised me with a Tennis racquet for Christmas. Thanks to my friend, Katherine. She picked it out and wrapped it for him. Team effort!

Did you have any reservations about signing up for your first lesson?

Having never played tennis before and not playing any other type of sports for quite some time, I was definitely nervous about being able to pick it up quickly, but that’s what makes it fun. You can start without having ever played and if I can pick it up pretty quickly, most anyone can.

How did you feel after your first lesson?

I was excited! My first lesson was the Ladies Beginner Clinic at Squire Creek, and we had an awesome group with a variety of skill levels. I had actually forgotten that you can have fun and get a good workout in at the same time.

Have you met new friends or gotten closer to old friends though tennis?

For sure! I love the connections that I have made with people in the community, many I may not have otherwise had a chance to meet. When I started, I did not know anyone, since then I had made some wonderful friends through USTA, OWT, and Squire Creek.

What has been your favorite part of tennis?

One of my favorite things about playing tennis has been having my husband play, too! He had been so supportive of me learning how to play and I was surprised when he agreed to give it a shot. It is a lot of fun to be out there together. Playing mixed doubles is definitely one of the highlights of our week!